The crooked road to nowhere

Bustling sound of busy tractor tilling the drought ground,

Where rural farmers are busy harvseting corns and other crops of the season.

Cage less chicken roaming around to find what’s left on the ground.

Children of farmers loved to play on top of the hay like a first class sliding board playground and yet, they all bursting with laughters.

Hogs and goats joined in the fun of  harvested crops in abundance that was accidentally drop on the ground.

Till sundown they work hard on the farm and rest their tired feet on the flowing streams where cows bath too, to cool them down.

Together, they had a quiet dinner with a prayer of thanksgiving for a lovely day, in a small cottage where candles are lighting their way.

Cats and dogs on the porch after a sumptuous meal and farm kids joined, in sleeping side by side  with their pets.

A life in a rural, where crooked road meet nowhere.

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