I was a boy of too many blurred visions.
You came just in time, picked and
dusted me into a paradise where words
are ripe roses too beautiful to walk past
without halting to give hallelujah to the artist.

The world would have made a bowl
of mesh meal from my bones
if not you, defying distances to teach me
how to be human. How would I have grown?

That other day, for instance, when my demons
confined me into exile, you welcomed me
to the world proper. You think you did so little,
but it’s engraved in my head that even after now,
I do not want your place to be vacant in my world.

And now that darkness surrounds you,
you do not have to worry anymore.
Just hold unto me. Both of us are enough
to torch our paths to survival.

Even if I have to carry you, the way you did,
do not worry. You’d have your back broken,
eyes far-flung from their sockets
to walk me into safety with songs of light.

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