Hour 23: Prompt 23: True to Me

My words use to be venom

Pouring out at the most inopportune times

Never caring who they targeted

Never worried about their victim

Until it hit me

I was the snake

Hour 19: Prompt 19: Busy

The streets stay crowded as if it were always a new year’s day

The noise of the hustle and bustle never seems to end

The smells aren’t even fresh anymore

The people are just moving pieces in the rat race of life

The city holds fun and excitement

Yet it’s missing the most important thing


Hour 18: Prompt 18: Her

The way the orange and red shines upon her rose colored cheeks is something I hope to never forget

The way the drips of rain gently flow down her skin is something I hope to see a thousand times

The way the stars seem to all gather in her eyes as she looks at me is something I hope I never become blind to

Yet here I am

Taking it all for granted

Knowing my whole galaxy lives within her

For some reason still choosing to close my eyes

Hour 16: Prompt 16: Save Me

The look in my eyes

Knowing im not okay

yet not understanding what i need

confused by what they could do

unsure of the steps they need to take

so they give in

and do what they all do

Are you okay?

Hour 15: Prompt 15: Pure

The blood drips down her neck

Just like in the movies she likes to say

Yet the hunger inside of me is more than what could ever be portrayed on a screen or in a book

The true power it holds over me is overwhelming

The fact I know it’s the most pure form of HER is what I crave

What I drool for

Yet never sharing the true lust

The secret

Of the spell she seems to hold over me

Yet never knowing it

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