Final poem

If you’re not eating super fudge brownie ice cream at 7:30 in the morning on a Sunday..are you even living life? Seriously though I feel so free after being able to complete something so difficult. Isn’t that what life’s really about? Doing what you love. I could be sleeping sound..but here I am.. looking for a poem in everything.

I see a poem in every single day

Everything I see is poetry

Written in the stars

Are you and me

Here in the morning

On my front porch

The sunrise is kissing

A new front door

Oh the possibilities of you and I

Brings me to the beauty

Of this happy tree

Covered in flowers of the prettiest pink

Silk is the design

It smells like the sweetest perfume

Of wildflowers and honeysuckle

It’s fragrance is uplifting and healing

Hummingbirds greet the day of change

Blessings are all in the way the cardinal says good morning

Knowing you are not alone

Feeling the spirits that want to be felt again

Guardians of the garden are all around you

Angels of guidance





It’s five in the morning

Somehow the sun snuck in

I swear it was dark five minutes ago

It’s five in the morning

The shadows from the night in my mind are

Somehow disappearing into the dark side

How can it be.. five minutes until six?

Time is going oh so quick

Thinking about it almost makes me sick

How precious these tiny hours can be

They accumulate into destiny

It’s 5:55 and I can see

Angels surrounding me heavenly


beyond the blue

way over yonder

past my eyes being closed

oceans of paisley reminders

silky and so soft

wide open spaces

full of the lies

the truth




Coo coo

I am a cuckoo clock.

I watch myself go in and out

Of control

2:46 am in a Tennessee state of mind

Cigarettes and coffee have been morning rituals for far too long

There comes a time when change is cruel but so far out there

It’s hard to reach out of the ways that I’ve grown

I’m crying from the bottom


Please let me out

The mirror of blame hurts

I break these pains

I break these chains

My heart is crying

It’s time for a change

I am heard

Hear me roar

I am a bird

Free like before!!!!








The power of I AM

Where do these thoughts grow?

Where have these questions been?

Never ask yourself who you are!

Be the confidence your daughter needs.

The power of I AM


Shadows of my past and future play tug of war with me now

I see the light and don’t understand how


Lover of Rain

Peace of mind is the scent of petrichor

luring you in wanting more

it is the aroma of heavenly nature

in this moment, there is no love greater

after the rain we enjoy fruits of labor

this is the song of the true love maker

a delicate pluviophiles prayer



Two angels crying

from the heavens above

pouring like waterfalls

into oceans of love

surrounding the vessel

it gleams and it shines

full of something special

it’s one of a kind

pure white and soaring

the bird flies solo

the sky is pouring

lily pads below



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