Prompt #17: Son, Let Me Tell You of the Evolution of Music

When I was a kid, we were lucky to have a record player.
Vinyl records brought music the people around the world
With tones muffled by the static of a needle gathering lint as the table turned.
The more they were played the more likely the album got scratched.
With the cassette tape came clarity of a recording studio
And a more compact player,
Gone was the day of larger record players
And problems of lint.
But just when we thought our music was as good as it could be,
Our cassette tapes got stuck in players,
Breaking in the listener’s frustration.
Out came the Compact Disc,
But now the listener wanted more
And compact discs could not be easily played on the go.

Is that when we got MP3s dad?
Yes son, out of the CDs came MP3s.

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