So precious that moment

When I learned to see!

The magic world of my mind

As I ventured forth.

In short pants

I went to play in our back yard.

Who knew the wonders it held

For a child like me.

There I found imaginary playmates.

We ventured forth to discover

Something magical

At every turn of our heads.

Each flower, every weed

or blade of grass

Held some new mystery

Revealed some new song

Oh what joy

When I discovered tiny creatures

Who dwelt within the borders of this

Undiscovered land.

Bugs and worms going

About their business

Seeking food and shelter.

Eat, hide or be eaten.

Each day, rain or shine,

I marveled at who and what

Came forth, depending

On the weather.

In the wet, I first

Heard the voices of the rain frogs.

Little green fellows with sticky feet,

Singing their songs of joy.

And once the rain had stopped

The birds came to sing and hunt,

For the wiggly, tasty things – dinner.

Season after season, I ventured

Into this land of discovery,

Until one season

I had no interest in being a child.

During years past, one by one

All my mysteries were revealed

And new mysteries came

To replace those in my back yard.

Now I seek answers to these new things,

Chasing loud cars

pretty girls.

But ever so often

I pause at my back door

To look and smile

Remembering my land of discovery

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