Six of us

piled in a car

drove to the beach

at 9PM.

The most peaceful

place to be.

We’d walk

we’d run

we’d splash

we’d climb the rocks

we’d talk

No judgement.



a feeling

an emotion





grandma’s hands

mom’s kiss




so much to do


so much more to do

All because yesterday

I put off til tomorrow

what I could have done today.


For One More Day  (Mitch Albom)

we all hope for it

we expect it.

A time will come

when our days

will be numbered.

Sometimes we know

with sickness

others not.

One more day

seems insignificant

until it’s here.

What to do?

Who to see?

Will there be time enough?


Umbrellas keep us dry

and shaded from the sun.

Raindrops pitter patter

running off.

Sun rays beat down

warming the ground.


Echo husband

Repeats everything I say

as if it were his idea.

My ideas get no credit

because he makes them his.

I say it and like an echo

I hear it again.



a happy place


and flowers


and journeys

where the unknown

is discovered

all because

there’s no place like home.


A Moment of Joy

Writing poems with many

wonderful people,

none who I know personally

but gather with virtually

for exciting writing events.

We gather multiple times

each year.


Monsters under my bed

Can’t hang my hand over the side

something may grab it.

Can’t sleep too close to the bed edge

something may touch me.

I should know better

dust bunnies are all that

is under my bed.



we can be happy

We can have fun

We can enjoy time

because you are always asking


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