DogSpeak #23 Employment Application

DogSpeak #23 Employment Application

The Dog

fetch and fill with slobber,
shred into crosscut pieces

unearth anything that makes noise
or smells bad; digger, unplanter, uprooter

Demolition Expert
any material, no job too big or small;
no clean-up included

Bounty Hunter
animal, vegetable, mineral
anything, anywhere, delivered dead unless

Refrigerator Janitor
cleaned and cleaned out but no kale,
broccoli, spinach, nothing green

Available Shifts
between naps and meals

Salary Desired
bones, kibble, treats, toys
gas money for my humans

When Can You Start
after lunch but I have to be home for dinner
I can’t stay out after dark

Spot, Rover, Buster, Opie, Snickers,
Munchkin, Gumball, the man who runs
the dog park, my humans

Preferred Contact Method

~ J R Turek

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