DogSpeak #24 Serious Speak

DogSpeak #24 Serious Speak

I know you don’t like
serious conversations but
we need to discuss something.
It’s important.

I need to know that you will be ok
when I have to leave. No, I don’t know
anything you don’t. I just have to be sure,
while I’m here that you will find a life
without me.

We’ve had fun together, laughed
cried, learned what we want and like,
what makes us who we are, what keeps us
together as a team, as family.

So, wait a little while and get another dog;
you’re not replacing me, you’re taking on
my spirit in a different breed and color
and temperament – don’t think I’ll make it
easy for you. Training is important.

Thanks. I’m glad we had this talk. Carry on.
Ok, let’s play!
Can I throw the ball this time?

~ J R Turek

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