DogSpeak #8 Toying

DogSpeak #8 Toying

joy, happiness
tails metronome
in constant motion

loofah latex llamas
gnawsome footballs
busy bones

stuffed squirrel
squeaky rubber duck
fuzzy blue ball

romping, frolicking
darting, dashing
cavorting elation

purple penguin
fluffy yellow flower
squishy parakeet

monkey jumping tope
nylabone chewy ring
neon green alligator

rolling, bouncing
tossing, twisting
tugging great fun

every color tennis balls
small, medium, gigantua
throw, chase, retrieve

grunting piggy
squawking rubber chicken
crinkly rhino

grappling, chasing
racing, jumping
ear to ear smiles

jingle jangle ball bell
wiggly wobbly giggly ball
slippers, shoes – oopsie!

huggy teddy bear
pink softy elephanty
knotted ropey pull toy

noisy water bottle
red-nosed reindeer
snoring floppy bear

soaring, catching
running, leaping
barking merriment

so many toys
so little time
– play while you can!

~ J R Turek

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