“A long list of questions” POEM 7

What if the sounds you hear are nothing more than echoes?
Questions asked you refused to address,
bouncing their way back to you.

What if I had been heading South,
instead of North
that left, should have been a right
pointing me to the Eastern Coast
where I would be in the perfect moment
enjoying my love of sun rise beginnings
instead of the darkness sunset welcomes?

What if he had lived?
would i just have a live target
or a newly found bond
digging our way past his embarrassing Lee Jeans
or love of jigsaw puzzles…
never made sense to me,
how he could work hard to piece back together some twisted image
but no seeming interest in me
this broken thing
who would learn to like himself
“just the way I am”


What if bitcoin bounces back
or cryptos really become this more than metaverse thing?

What will a penny buy today?
Am i the last generation to know the joy
of 100 pieces of candy for a dollar?
Would you buy footies over circus chews
a grape head over a red hot?

What if the perceptions we believe,
are the roots of the lies they feed us?
Twisted truths told to toddlers till they test the tales no more!
Realities rightness roughened raucously.
Left to die while their half truth lives to water away what has always been known….

What then?

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