Love’s Purgatory Veiled In Blue

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Love’s Purgatory Veiled In Blue


Caught in your smile, the gentle way your lips move as you spoke through anfractuous teeth
grinding out the veracity through geared gristmills, laden with powder–
with what was left of my spirit, catching on the edge of your words.
Thurst away, my back arched as I fell upon a stalagmite, impaling an asinine dream.
I am lost within a cave of vagary, Adam’s ale dripping from the speleothems
collecting tears into the fissures of my pathetic little heart.
How truth is veiled as it sidesteps my pleading, and still I allowed you to linger on
innervating the fibers of my being entangling within the illusion of you.

I carried you with me as I would time, and I watched the hands with bated breath
as the gnomon found its shadow chasing the sun across the expanse of water
Veiled in the blue, my eyes shut tight against the inexorable-
the lingering answer I already knew within my core, yet still I conceived that hope was a better choice.
Encompassed within you is the essence of every desire in life I collected and clutched to my breast
I clung to the latitudinous invention that somewhere within the brine of your heart, a fragmented spark touched off.
Blinded by the veil, as blue as the South Atlantic, I pressed on and pushed away years of languishing, for it had not.
How staggering the truth becomes whilst in a purgatory of the heart, twisted and tormented by the strength of unrequited love.

Thus, I resign myself to my sepulcher deep within the hollow, dressed in a robe of darkness, disconsolately disenchanted
Caught within the spider silk of the veil weaving through my vision, natant upon the jettisoned subterranian river of my crestfallen lament..

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