You Wanted To Know Who I Am So I’ll Tell You Who I’m Not

I’m not your plaything
Or someone you want to contend with
I am not soft spoken
My voice a single sharp edge of honesty
Your guilt shamed ears
Doesn’t want to hear
I’m not the dust beneath your feet
Rather the dirt from the ditch
You dug for yourselves
My being is rich with God’s Divine protection
And you thought you’d have me
In a shallow burial
With your crocodile tears
And your script to follow at my wake
So you can all keep your story straight.
I am not the gavel that cracks down
Upon your felonious acts
Selling yourselves for chunk change
As money has become your God
And the truth your devil.
I am not easily dismissed
But easily missed
Hidden from sight
Until your hatred unearthed
The treasure beneath
For what you intended to break
He instead rebuilt
For what you intended to isolate
He instead reformed and evolved
For what you intended to frighten
He turned into laughter
For what you intended to hate
Turned into an overabundance of love.
I’m neither victim nor survivor
I’m not thriving to exist
For what you intended to harm and break down
He only reconstructed
I am not the frail or injured
I am lungs of air
Exhaling deeply
All that is my authenticity
Who I really am
As shallow minds focused upon
The minnows schooled the shoreline
But I am the big fish
Avoiding your hooks
By His Divine hand
He is the water
And I am the fish
And together we swim
Through the murky depths
And the ultraviolet iridescent blues.
I am the mystery
That none can figure
I am the puzzle
Not in lack of one piece
I am the enigma
That tortures your mind
I am the riddle
That you lack an answer
I am the wisdom
You lacked comprehension to absorb
I am the waters
That slip like silk between your fingers
As you try and catch me
And what you know of me
Is the wet waters that drip from fingertips
Just an outer covering
You wipe upon your thigh
Dry yourself off
And believe you know
I left streaks upon your fabric
And now you wonder at my expanse
Nevermind the riptide that once
Desired to draw you in
Swim within the shallows of your assuming
And ponder the depths I reach
It some had a toe in
Others ankle deep
But God Himself
Knows my heart and soul
And the power of my mind
The softness that bears
No rough edge.
Upon my mirrored surface
Exposes your face
A reflection you’re loathe to see
So you cast stones
To ripple across me
But I swallow them whole
And still I remain
When the ripple effect
Becomes a tidal wave
That will devour
Your whole city
And wash it with
My loving purpose.

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