Hour Three: Shades

Hour Three: Shades

I saw amber waves of grain
in a dream it must have been
for they stretched for miles, so far,
coast to coast, it seemed,
and overtook all means to stop them.
Fruitful, they were, multiplying by the thousands,
millions even,
standing tall,
waving in the breeze,
effortlessly bending,
And then, as one, a miracle, it seemed,
the amber shifted – not gradually,
as when the season changes
from summer to fall,
but all at once
as when a sudden summer storm breaks
wreaking havoc in the natural order of things –
And those amber fields of grain,
burst into pink!
proud and vibrant and
unabashedly female shades of coral and blush,
salmon and magenta and fuchsia,
the pink of bubble gum and babies’ cheeks,
And flamingos.
Onwards they marched
until all was afire in pink,
a rosy glow settling over the nation
a spark growing into a blaze
of fury.

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Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

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