Brett Hour 24



Silly names, true love,
Real love’s inspiration’s call,
Wherever you lay.

A Sea Lion named Brett Hour 23

Sea lion, on his rock,
Salvaged from high tsunamis
And creeping tar paint.

Carried far away,
Paradise new, warm heart’s way,
Big brown eyes, whiskers.

Newspaper Clipping Hour 22

The notorious Tapestry Killers, now known to be emanant psychologist Valkyrie Kerry and escaped convict Dyer-Bolique have been found dead at their secret get away home. The scene that met authorities was probably the most shocking of their lives. It is understood that the lovers literally tore each other to pieces in a moment of drug-induced passion.

Their reign of terror has resulted in over 20 deaths, police were baffled by the changing MOs, believed to be a by-product of their mutual love of questionable art. Remains of several other victims have been located in the basement, primarily bones in the furnace, but some disturbing accounts of cannibalism have surfaced.

The location of the property is currently being kept secret to enable a thorough and uninterrupted forensic analysis.

Death’s Nuptials Hour 21

Death’s Nuptials (Valkyrie)

Exhausted, fatigued, and ready to die,
Penchants come at cost, like unholy love,
My plan’s fruition accompanies sigh,
Sad melancholy weighted from above,
Time plunders forward, death’s marriage is nigh,
Mind altering toxins hidden in my glove.

Drugs and suggestions, secret in the glove,
Broken heart to part, parting us to die,
Finality grim, below and above,
‘There is no other way,’ forlorn I sigh,
Imprisoned monster to the man I love,
I try to reason a way, it is nigh.

Death’s reaper awaits, our wedding is nigh,
I remove noxious potions from my glove,
Tears rolling, I cannot bear watch him die,
He who rules with iron fist high above,
‘Body broken as my mind,’ I do sigh,
Entangled in this insanity, love.

I sought his dark love, he sought my dark love,
From that moment impending death was nigh,
But fate forced my hand, wielding spiteful glove,
Our tapestry sewn, so many did die,
And if you believe, they went up above,
Underworld awaits, Anubis’ deep sigh.

Original plan gone awry, I sigh,
Take my own life after taking my love,
I choose a sicker route where we both die,
Mix modification, deep in my glove,
Instigating a high, the end is nigh,
But we shall be soaring high up above.

Challenging minds refined from the above,
Together we fly, free spirits, I sigh,
Bonded by an immutable, deep love,
I groom myself for him, the moment nigh,
Sliding a new mix deep within my glove,
His stash compote, my preparation, die.

Sweet dining to die, drops pour from above,
Cannibalised love, my sorrowful sigh,
Imminently nigh, it pours from my glove.

GIGANtic Hog Ensnared Hour 20

GIGANtic Hog Ensnared (Valkyrie)

Staggering from the roadhouse, howling liquor at the moon,
Strategically well-dressed, I smile at the great goon.

Weeknight when most have more sense, sly words distract. Promises,
Soft lullaby on the breeze, offering more later on,
Holding his gaze as they leave, punters go home, skirmishes.

His beard ruffles to his chest, as dirty claws scratch at head,
And we are alone tonight, under moonlight’s gleam, red.

Taking his giant, rough paw, I lead him to the old farm,
Assenting ego follows, for what woman can do harm?

Through mire we slowly trudge, we cannot arrive too soon,
Staggering from the roadhouse, howling liquor at the moon.

His beard ruffles to his chest, as dirty claws scratch at head,
Unbalanced but desperate, to follow a strange being,
Desirous though most flaccid, unlikely worthy in bed.

Inside barn doors my world resides, hungry wolves baying for blood,
Staggering in the farmhouse, howling wolves baying for blood.

Valkyrie’s Ballad Hour 19

Valkyrie’s Ballade (Valkyrie)

‘Master, your distrust is misplaced,
For you are the whole world to me,
Turning teacher to your student,
A mind shrewd and gallant to see.
Safe with you I lay, submissive,
Your feisty weapon, thanks to thee.’
My plan sadly remains, our end,
But you are the whole world to me.

‘Now to these wolves, permit my speech,
At midnight bars cease to serve, see?
Hairy dregs wander marauding,
Waiting for the wolves to roam free.
Drunks howl at the moon, unhindered,
Set their undeserving soul’s free.’
Soon we fall sadly together,
But you are the whole world to me.

‘Empty sheds sit behind the bar,
Deprived wolves in the pig pit free,
A drunk man is easily led,
Prospecting a woman like me.
Sensual and bizarre to see,
Falling for a woman like me.’
I have ordered our doom’s sweet drug.
But you are the whole world to me.

Escaping to capture wolf’s bane,
Pain of the nightmare soon to come,
Your insanity spirals free,
But you are the whole world to me.

L’art Cullinaire hour 17

Crimson candles glow, meaty cutlets served,
Romanticised date, I remember you,
First desirous date, feigning fear reserved.

‘What is this sweet meat?’ More than I deserved,
Passions rekindled, guilt for doubting you,
Crimson candles glow, meaty cutlets served.

Evil smirk spreads, ‘Your arm I had preserved!’
Guilt abates, once again your colours true,
First desirous date, feigning fear reserved.

‘Raising two wolves, their hunger I observed,
And fed them meat cutlets as one must do,’
Crimson candles glow, meaty cutlets served.

I hide my horror, submission subserved,
Taking each mouthful, I carefully chew,
First desirous date, feigning fear reserved.

My resolve steady, plan in place deserved,
‘Werewolves made great horror beasts too, that slew!’
Crimson candles glow, meaty cutlets served,
First desirous date, feigning fear reserved.

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