Hour 11

People can perceive a smile
from 300 feet away.
Your eyes light up,
though that I cannot see,
and unknowingly, my mouth corners tug
at my lips.

Faces are made to mimic one another,
so even when I have the capability
of five thousand other, different, expressions,
my smile will copy yours.

And it is not purely biology
for you will find that my fondness of you
will widen my smile.

I was at the airport,
scared I forgot what you look like,
but I will never ever forget the glee
on your face when our eyes crossed paths.

I was getting off the train,
didn’t know where you were.
My actions wild and frightened, I twist and turn
in all directions, but then I find the calm
of finding you right beside me.

I was sleeping,
woke up next to you.
And if that wasn’t the most fantastical thing in the world,
then I don’t know what it could be.

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