Bean Curd and Spinach

You cut the garlic in the kitchen
prepping dinner for bean curd and

spinach. Tofu pressed and ready to lightly fry
to a toasty brown crispness, a
contrast to the soft spinach and inner curd.

They said half a clove of garlic you call to
me. So you put in three? Something

like that. Combining three recipes to
perfection, the right spices, sweet and

hot, mild and spicy. Soy sauce, light or dark,
a teaspoon sugar, you cut the garlic

They said half a clove of garlic, but
can you have too much? Add some
peppercorns. Wait, where did the mild

go? Toss together in the wok and add green
onions and fresh spinach. Dinner!


4 thoughts on “Bean Curd and Spinach

  1. This one’s great, Kris. You balance that comfort of living with a partner, the habits of living together and knowing them intimately, but not always knowing what they want. Really subtle. (Also, all the warm sensory cooking references are making me salivate! 🙂

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