Hour 24

Tell me that I can’t,

I will show you that I can,

I must persevere,

Don’t underestimate me,

Watch me as I prove you wrong.


Hour 23

I hear the water rushing as I approach the trail,

Not long of a walk before you match the sight to the sounds,

It looks as pretty as it sounds,

Listen closely, you can hear the water hit the rocks on the riverbanks,

Chirping birds, rustling trees,

From the slight winds breeze,

What a serene sight to see!


Hour 22

This year is different,

It’s easy to point out why,

A new set of personalities to learn,

I don’t think there’s enough time,

I must step up and lead,

If not, there will be chaos,

And they will fall even more behind,

Our goals should be similar,

Overall with the kids in mind,

Based on my calculations that’s not what I come to find,

Listen to my expertise,

I don’t meant to be frank,

But when I’m right, I’m right,

I’m sorry you don’t agree,

But frankly it’s not about your feelings,

I’m well educated and quite intellectual,

You should listen to me,

I demand respect,

Just as you do,

Cooperate and listen so we can do what we came here to do.


Hour 21

Schools are out for break,

Highly anticipated,

Children are anxious,

The school staff is excited,

Tag, you’re it, it’s your turn now,



Hour 20

Nights are long and hot,

Mosquitos and lightening bugs,

Backyard BBQ

Hour 19

I type and I type,

Backspace, I don’t even like that,

A perfectionist.

Hour 17

Teacher, teach me,

I am ready to learn,

Like a sponge, I will soak up what’s intriguing,

Divulge me with your wisdom,

So, that I may understand,

Read with me,

So that I may enjoy,

the words that dance across the page,

Put the technology down,

Let’s engage in dramatic and sensory play,

Mom, Dad – you are my first teacher,

Teach me the ways, and I that I need to know,

Help me learn, help me grow.

Hour 16

I’m concerned for you,

Your much more than what you portray,

Hershey chocolate skin,

Yes, you are a fine looking man,

Creative mind, bright ideas,

Why must you undermine your intellect?

You don’t have to settle for such imbeciles,

I believe in what you can accomplish,

Despite past transgressions,

What’s important is that you must believe it too,



Hour 15

Responsibly, regarding rights,

Effortlessly, elaborating, efficiently,

Seeking satisfaction, separating, selfs,

Pledging patience,

Evaluating, excellence,

Creating, captivating, cadence’s,

Through timeless transparency.

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