About You

Celebrate Celebrate celebrate
Congratulations to yourself no matter how small the trial you’ve gotten through

Recreate Recreate recreate
Reciprocate cheers and time and treasure given when giving didn’t seem cool

Prostrate Prostrate prostrate
Communication with your God who provides for you to
Celebrate Celebrate celebrate

Costume Design

Build for me the fanciest sleeves any audience member ever could dream

Apply on my arms the thickest foundation any artist ever could spray on me


To exercise empathy
Exert extra care
Nice choices of kindness
Doing what’s fair
Even when it’s difficult timing
Remembering to always care
Never saying never
Even when the action is not returned
Show your best understanding self
So your name will always be honored


I rarely use umbrellas on rainy days
I’d rather stand in the way of the water when it’s warm weather and okay

I always carry an umbrella late summertime nights When I travel by bus or train no matter if it rains , as my extra arm of protection

I can only imagine

I don’t dream anymore
But if I did
I would travel back in time
Back to my country
My state
My town
My city

I’d travel back even if no one went with me

Imagine that I would hear the beating of drums before reaching to coast
Only to find out it’s the ancestral heart beat that united to keep us close

My state
My town
My city

Everyone has a mule and acres of land

Everyone in the city travels in and out of reality

In my imagined city
I can always dream


All I know about joy is that it comes in the morning
I’ve felt overwhelmed with happiness as soon as night surrendered to day
All I can say about joy is that it comes after mourning
I’ve always experienced it this way

I choose joy over envy
I choose to nurture my grass green
I cannot focus on how close I keep my enemies
I aim to be grateful in all things

Some days I struggle to connect with and articulate how I feel
Trauma response stuffs emotions deeper than I can reach
Other days I am an open book of psycho babble , terminology and dreams
One day my words will have the power to manifest true joy through my will
Life has a vision for every lesson it has to teach
Every day I take a moment to bask at the beauty of creation and how the joy joy joy in nature screams screams screams at me


Always win the fight


There once was an infant from Illinois
Whom ate or dismantled her toys

Her teeth tear through tires
Her hands grip like steel pliers

Unscrewing chair nuts and bolts brings her joy


Covered in dirt

Deeper than you want to search

Covered in greed
Shards of glass

Look what I dug up ?

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