The news I don’t want to hear (4th hour)

There is some news you get that makes you happy like we’re getting married, I’m pregnant, or I made the team.

Then again there is the news that makes you sad, miserable, angry, depressed, and scared.

Like the news that your son need brain surgery.

The kind of news you don’t want to hear, the kind that slices through you, gutting your insides causing you pain.

Like a butcher with every slice an organ removed the emotional slaughter.

I need you to sign this concent and release form, but I must explain as I’m in doing this surgery I’m between his scull and main artery if an anytime this artery gets cut by the laser your son will die on my operating table.

Slice goes the butchers knife.

Hey may lose some memory, another slice!

We will cut a piece of his scull to access the brain, oh God stop this knife is too sharp.

This operation though preformed is relatively new and not a guarantee, slice there is no more to cut, I can’t take no more this news you give I don’t want to hear.

I absorb but I am lost now theres nothing inside, can’t look towards the future when I heard you could die.

I ask God’s forgiveness, I ask him to trade my life for yours so all of this pain you would not have to endure.

My son I have no option with faith and trust in God I put your life in surgeons hands.

I want you better, I need your pain to stop, this operation must not fail because that’s just be the news I don’t want to hear.






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