2022 hour 3 / prompt 3 “tension”

2022 hour 3 / prompt 3 “tension”


Prompt: chose – audio prompt ‘city of stars’ arr. for 2 cellos


Dance, like life, is an exercise in tension

So much can be expressed with so little

Knowing when to reach out

Knowing when to not

Knowing when to let go

Knowing when to hold on

One gets rehearsals

One does not, more’s the pity

Both have beauty

Both have risk

Both have the capacity to encompass the best

Of art, of motion, of love, of wonder, of passion of joy

Of pain, of sorrow, of loss, of lack

In all of this tension, this possibility

… is life, is timing, is trust…

Put your best foot forward, hold out your hand and dance onward

For you cannot back into the future


Merry – LordCricket 2022 poetry marathon

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