Sudden Wealth

The craze for overnight wealth
By an indomie generation

Of jerry-builders abound

With no drive to hustle
They sow a seed of grain and await

A massive harvest of gold overnight!

They go to school but never attend classes

Expecting a First Class!
No wonder, their civil engineering degree with a pass degree

Is as worthless as a piece of pie.
No motivation to build
When they do, their foundation is definitely waiting to fail,

They never seem to get it right!

Their crave for insatiable wealth doing nothing is their biggest setback…
Dabbling into dubious schemes to fastened path to the place of riches
But when they eventually do
Their hands are stained with blood
From thuggery triggered by deep pocket politicians
And drug barons
With no regard for life…
Never walk the path of sudden wealth
It will steal your peace, then your life!

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