Jesus ‘ Do you love me today


I am on my knees

Praying to you

For your love today.

I know my heart wonders sometimes.


You are always back of my mind

My heart needs your love today.

My heart is sad and lonely

Jesus’ Take my hand


Tears are in my eyes

My love for you is gone.

I feel in my heart .

In the back of my mind


I know you are here with me.


Do you love me today

You bring me down on my knees.


Praying for my soul.

Look inside of my heart.

You will see my heart is broken.

From all the scars of life.

I don’t feel your love close to me.


You can mend the scars that wrap.

Around my heart the road has been long.

I know you can mend my heart

I am on my knees praying for your hand

To touch my heart to mend my heart again.


Jesus’ Do you love me today

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