Hour 24 Rhythm of Life Mary Pecaut

HOUR 24       Rhythm of Life                                        Mary Pecaut


Go and come

Ships cross the Panama Canal 

steady as waves lapping the shore.

Brown pelicans dive and dip

scooping up fish

schools of which 

come and go.

Hour 23 Too Loud a Solitude Mary Pecaut

Hour 23   Too Loud a Solitude    Mary Pecaut


Too Loud a Solitude              


(Title After book by Bohumil Hrabal)


In the moonlight 

on my balcony

I close my eyes 

I never told you

Hour 22 Great Flood of 2011 Mary Pecaut

Hour 22   Great Flood of 2011                         Mary Pecaut

Inspired by Unattributed Photo


Great Flood of 2011 


Some things we cannot know.

Some know.  Some think they know.

Some things are better unknown.


Mid-afternoon, under a summer sky 

where three states shake hands

under the watchful eye of Chief War Eagle

miles from the Muddy Missouri’s banks,

you pull off the highway

to investigate flooded fields of maize.


Snowmelt in the northern Rockies

& rain – a year’s worth in three weeks-

swallow its way across the Plains

engorge reservoirs and dams


Here we stand, gone a decade 

Sand bagging & prayers were not enough.


Baseball fields along Nebraska banks

abandoned – soil too toxic for children to play ball.

Once-tree lined bike paths from South Dakota 

to Iowa reminiscent of an apocalyptic film


This is what it’s like to lose it all


Hour 21 Parapluie Mary Pecaut

Hour Twenty One             Parapluie             Mary Pecaut


No matter if it rains

No matter if it shines

If you’ve got an umbrella

You will be just fine.


Hour Twenty Books for Beginners Mary Pecaut

Hour Twenty       Books For Beginners                 Mary Pecaut


How to Be A…

How to Free A…

How to Make

How to Escape

How to Live Like..

How to Give like…

How to Grow

How to Let Go

How to take a Breath

How to Cope with Death

How to Learn

How to Unlearn


Hour 19 Casco Viejo, Panama City Mary Pecaut

Hour 19 


Casco Viejo, Panama City                     Mary Pecaut


Today I walk on cobbled streets, pass

facades – window frames frame

frangipanis, doorways speak of pirates past 

missionaries and colonizers.


I might be a sympathizer

so in love with history am I.  What might

be lost and what’s the cost

as we gentrify?


What of Luis, un-homed in the open air

behind Plaza Herrera square- this casco

where he studied and grew,

his childhood home – a five star condo-

left to panhandle for a brew.


The bell from Iglesia de la Merced

tolls telling a time when the church 

was rebuilt stone by stone. A time

when pirates burned the city down.

A time when Jesuits, homeless on the beach

rose and built La Campania de Jesus

a convent to convert. Luis tells me he is Catholic.

We are all looking to save and be saved.

Hour 17 Apartment Living

Hour 17          Apartment Living     Mary Pecaut


My disgruntled neighbor lives under 

the stairs. He might as well be 

a basilisk ready to kill 

with a single glare.


Or maybe he’s a sea serpent

eager for war

his scaly-skin like a kraken

from maritime lore.


I want to be a friendly tenant

and figure we should meet.

So, I bring him a plate of papayas

Not knowing what a monster might eat.


Hour 16 Forced Childbirth Mary Pecaut

Hour 16    Forced Childbirth   Mary Pecaut


Forced Childbirth


Fifty years of precedent

tossed to the wind    women

left to the whim

of the states. 

Not legal history no.

Fundamental constitutional 

rights denied. A woman’s body

now the courts decide.

Oh, for ease, Alito please

leave us alone with our ovaries.

What has changed today?

Hour 15 – Clarity Mary Pecaut

Hour Fifteen  –   Clarity      Mary Pecaut

Inspired by

Photo by Filipp Romanovski on Unsplash




Late autumn leaves thin

as lace reveal what might

otherwise be concealed.

Veins branching and rebranching

like city roads carry loads

of water and sugar navigating

xylem and phloem cells.


The leaf is able to be leaf.

Fully itself.


The hummingbird is content 

as itself.


The path is the path

in conversation with its surroundings.


Who are you?


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