“Is It Finished?”


The last pondering question in this hour.
The clock is ticking to shift eight to nine,
All my energy are now combine,
To write one last time,
And finally drink my lime.

Is it finished?
Writer: M.E. Flores
Hour24, Text Prompt24

“Love and Gravity”

Love is a strong gravitational force,
In which we sometimes put out of comprehension.
Not much admiration,
Not much inspiration,
Not much intuition,
On the side of the lovers.

Probably, we read love so mistakenly,
Because it is not worth to be read,
But felt.
Writer: M.E. Flores
Hour23, Text Prompt23

“Cars and Loads”

Cars and loads,
Now off we go,
Heading to the place we know,
Or probably don’t know.

A million miles to go,
Do as we were told,
A couple of times, I know.
It’s time to do the things we should do.

Not a lifetime to prepare,
A second snap to stare,
We are all so, so aware.
And now its time, time to dare.
Writer: M.E. Flores
Hour22, Image Prompt22

Expressions (Eggspressions)

In this hour of exhaustion,
Unknown expressions keeps coming unplanned.
My face decided it on its own,
Without my knowledge or approval.
That’s probably how it turns out to be,
When a writer don’t write anymore
But letting the subconsciousness do the writing.
Writer: M.E. Flores
Hour21, Image Prompt21

“The Woman With A Top Hat”

I saw the woman with the top hat,
Along the beach white sand,
Her barefoot feet drags the sand,
And she walks and sways in command,
The ebb of waves coming back to toss,
And touches the her skin that glows,
She’s now grown.
The woman with the top hat the I own.
Writer: M.E. Flores
Hour20, Text Prompt20


Miles and miles away from home,
Pretty lights on the street
There is so much more I need to know.
From the its intricate corner to its jeep.

It can be also scary,
All you see are unfamiliar strangers,
No more silence, life’s in a hurry.
Watch out! Be careful for some dangers.

Manila: The city of dreams as they say,
Yes! We all came from all walks of life.
Dreams as a wheel to drive our way,
And meet all odds just to bring us here.

The side of the road is not safe for play,
But there are some other places to hide,
The hidden part of its place
Are where I found grace.
Writer: M.E. Flores
Hour19, Text Prompt19

“Summer’s Heart”

A new generation of summer’s heart,
Heat wave on skin,
Touch from within,
Not complaining though,
It is worth a thing.

Happy thoughts of promise
A never ending kisses
A young hearts small wish,
Good young, Forever bliss.
Writer: M.E. Flores
Hour18, Text Prompt18

“They Are Here”

The tapping sound of unknown feet,
Gives me a heavy feeling.

I have the art of knowing,
That they’re not from here.

It gets louder and louder,
Weirder and weirder as it gets near.

The visions of their faces seen on the shadow,
They are the meaning of tomorrow.

A knock of three was heard so clear,
I know, They are here.
Writer: M.E. Flores
Hour17, Image Prompt17

“The Red Sky”

I fly high with the red sky,
Drag by the wind,
I’m an invincible find.

No one can see me from now on,
No on can hear a thing.

I fly high with the red sky,
Often times, I know why,
I’m an invincible find.

No one can Be bothered now,
I’m gone, somehow.
Writer: M.E. Flores
Hour16, Image Prompt16

“Connection Of The Hearts”

How does two soulmates meet?
Maybe not a typical meet and greet story.

Others tale might be good as mine,
Like once upon a time in a wishing well,
You just magically appear in front of me,
And saying all the good and right thing.

But it happens more like a mystery,
In a bad spot, at a wrong place,
Not even looking decent in my memory,
A terrible lovers start of taste.

I guess, we are the terrible match,
But a connection of the hearts.

Our bad stories were turn out good when put together,
I started to think that we are each others forever.
No! Not another fairytale love affair.
Just a simple care, and a love in the air.
Writer: M.E. Flores
Hour15, Image Prompt15

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