Destination : unknown (Hour #5)

Where is the road which one must take? I’ve been searching a while now for a signboard – oh! There is one; but, wait, what does it say?

This way is the right path carved out by someone ranked knowledgable. A decent sized job that consists of pulling all hours to gain someone else profit leaving little time for yourself irrespective of the certificates you’ve sweated for throughout your youthful years. This is legitimate.

The fonts are way too small and it makes me feel dizzy trying to focus on it. Great. Now I’m at an intersection with numerous signs.

All the future celebrities; over here!

It does look appealing and very flashy, but it’s doubtful. Too much people flock over there and the agent right by the sign seems shifty.

The short cut – let’s all live it easy.

Oh, I know that road. I’ve seen the end of it once; it leads to a cliff. A path of no return. Why cut corners anyway?

But then, thinking about it… these weren’t pliable roads before. Someone must have started those three paths that it leads to such lengths.

I turn and head off the road.

Me too. I think to myself. I’ll forge my own path. 

Something I’m comfortable treading on. 

2 thoughts on “Destination : unknown (Hour #5)

  1. Very clever! I love the Frost poem, so I didn’t lose the thread. The font sizing adds to the story at the start, but the last two large fonts seem like they should match in size. Seeing all those fonts distracts me from the poem. I like how you turned the ending.

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