Scrub flop (Hour #6)

Chores and kids seems to
go together; 

Do the dishes,
Stop doodling silly wishes,
Get the fishes,
Clean the peaches,
You're not allowed alone on beaches;
Responsibly learn what life teaches.

But should chores and teens 
sing the same chorus?

Go do the laundry,
Hands off the pantry,
Stop being lazy, are you gentry?
You came late! You're passing your boundry!
Babysit your siblings - I appoint you sentry,
Study hard and be a blessing to your country.

I'm not trying to express feelings 
of dissatisfaction; Actually - I am.

Yet the main point still centers 
that chores are a major inconvience
at large in the society we live in.

3 thoughts on “Scrub flop (Hour #6)

  1. I enjoyed the assonance. The lines had a musicality, too, in the imperfect rhyme. I like the dark humor in “‘m not trying to express feelings/of dissatisfaction; Actually – I am.”

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