✨Changing the road✨

Let me tell you something
I never been in need of your attention
So why do you waste your time
Stop your lies, turn around
And just go!!!!!
I don’t want to hold on to your selfish self any more….
There’s no love more strong, them the one I feel for myself.
I can’t stay here waiting the you realize all the things I had gave you.
I’m happy when I focus on myself
And stop trying to get your love and attention.
I believe in a forever but not next to you, but with the sun shining bright on me now.
My happy ending its with myself love and dedication.
I’m independent and I see the value of myself when I take a look in the mirror.
Don’t waste any more time trying to explain yourself to me.
I’m done with this battle fields
I’m done with your lies
I’m done with anything the means
I had to be in content.
I won’t keep swallowing my pride
Trying to make us work.
In the process I would lose myself.
It hurst to not see me clearly in the mirror because of your shadow.
There’s no more chains
I set myself free…
I’m a woman
A phenomenal woman
And there’s no space for you here
My dear….
—Marquez Meriyen

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