Taking on the World Together

A newb and
a pro
facing hordes of
rotting corpses
with hell fire fur
and snarling teeth.

The newb trying to keep her cool
as the pro sweeps down the dead
and the hounds explodes,
both being sent back
to their makers.

Items spring forth like flowers
from the lifeless bodies.
The pro lets the neb pick the best
as he keeps watch
for new enemies.

He takes what’s left.

New finds and points ring up,
the neb shoots and prays
as they’re being chased
mounds living dead,
enhanced dead soldiers.

Back-to-back they take on the Zombies,
hop into a buggy.

Again, the pro lets the newb take what she needs”
and armor plates.
In modesty, he takes what’s left.

Together they take in the dismal world
of zombies and hellhounds.

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