Drive (hour 3) by Mrs. J

Driving is an everyday task

But how is it that I ask?

I sit there on the passenger side

looking next to the driver as we ride

He backs out the parking lot

Then makes a turn around a curb.

Then drive on to our destination as he finds the perfect spot

I just saw him drive

Driving is an everyday task

But how is it that I ask?

Me and Mom make plans to go to Walmart

She is careful not to run off the road

Nor run the red light

or any objects seen in sight

At last she has dropped me back at home

Kids are upstairs with husband when I get in

giving me enough time to let my thoughts roam

Driving is an everyday task

But how shall I ask?

I know family , friends, and people who travel abroad

even those right in my city I watch drive effortlessly I applaud

Driving is an everyday task

But who shall I ask?

One of my sweetest friends

Have tons of great ideas for quick and easy hairdos for me that will never end

As we ride in her car

I see one of the greatest thing that she does like a sister

is encourage me by keeping me up to par

that in order for me to drive on my own one day is to believe that God has already answered my prayers..

to let me drive up to speed

I have already asked the right One- yes,indeed!

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