7. Season of the Phoenix

The Phoenix has a multitude of phases and paths

Throughout it’s journey it was will rise and fall like humans

The most beautifully chaotic phase is during the death and rebirth cycle.

You see after it’s burnt itself into ashes

It’s renewed into a much stronger and more resilient bird.


Humans also resemble similar phases throughout thier life cycles.

There are moments of deep grief, loss, and extreme sadness that we sense

Some of us understand more than others the type of pains that can lead us to the darkest depths of our cognitive functions.

Others will recognize how easily we can get lost in those dark thoughts, which turn into cages of imprisonments of our minds.


I want to remind you that the resiliency we have can and will conquer any darkness we face.

Our minds will also go through the season of the Pheonix and burn themselves to ashes,

As we will rise to become even more tenacious, more experienced, and much stronger than we began.










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