A Summer of Saturday’s

Saturday mornings were my favorite
Not just because of the cartoon blocs on ABC

Though, it’s certain I would be upset if I missed them

It was the Saturday’s of summer that I relished
Above He-Man, Loony Toons, and Garfield

On those warm Saturday’s
Powder Horn, Lake Michy, and on the odd occasion, Cal Park
Were above even the best of my animated wonderments

The fish were always glad I visited on those days
Being 5, and prone to striking up conversation
Without so much as a whim

The fishermen, not so much

One day, Dad bought me a rod and tackle
Tried to show me how to bait the hook
Weight the line

The sound, was funny.
And I laughed.

Standing at the pier/shore/dock
Whiling away the summer Saturday
Rod in hand
Mind, on whatever it was 5 year old me would dwell

“Hi! I’m Marty. And I’m 5!”

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