The Odd One Out

You are too clever

You are too dark

You are too strong

You are too hard


Always the odd one out.


I am so alone

I am so desolate

I am so stark

I am so empty

Always the odd one out.





Broken Dreams

When dreams are broken

the soul is torn asunder


When dreams are broken

life’s joy is ripped into shards


When dreams are broken

you sit on a shelf of your former self


When dreams are broken

shed a tear


You just exist.


Ode to My Sour Cupcake

cheeks as soft as a silken breeze

fingers as gentle as the gaze of a doe

lips as red as the rose of a lover

hair as lustrous as a luminous pearl


And yet :

eyes so fiery

a mind so sharp

a mouth so tart

with words oh so smart


a heart full of love

a head full of dreams

a smile full off sunshine

and arms full of cuddles and hugs


you are brimming with anger

over flowing with righteousness

My Sweet Sour Cupcake

Oh Yes, I got it all right.

Playing Fields

I stare at my desk

not knowing what to do next

looking over at my friend , who seems to also be in distress

“oh no” , this is going to be one huge mess

I let out a sigh and begin reading the first question

my eyes widen in fear ,

“ oh dear” ,

might just wait for my resurrection

I think back to the day of playing soccer in the fields

how I wish I could go back to those days indeed


my life’s a movie

and i’m the main character

I ain’t no joke ,

I ain’t no caricature

A Mother’s Love

 A mothers love is something that you should never forget

a tear rolling down her cheek , is something that you should never let

the first person she worries about is you

she’s someone that you can count on , even on the days that you’re feeling blue

she remembers you first in all of her prayers

and smiles , even through all of her broken layers

she gives you her all and expects nothing in return

when you’re out and about, sometimes a little remembrance is what she yearns

A mothers love , so so pure

and in my opinion , it’s the best cure

The Dusty City


In this dusty city , there was once a girl

she loved off reading books and eating ice cream swirls

along the passage,  she walks up and down

punctually everyday in her pink gown

she loves music and had it always in her ear

no matter how much you called for her , she can never hear

she paces up and down like a bowler ready to bowl his wicket

speeding so fast if cops were there she’d have gotten a ticket

oh the tails of The Dusty ole City


Death has lent his whispers

the pain of sorrow has filled my heart

I gaze up at the despairing heavens

imploring the miracle of life.


Death has spoken to the one I love

Go away, I say. Go Away!

I gaze up at the silent heavens

There is no miracle of life.

My sour cream and chives

I still think about you , you’ve never left my mind

I still think about you , I believe our souls are still meant to be entwined

I think about all the things that we could have been

together, the places that we could have seen

even though we may have lived oceans apart

a piece of you , was always in my heart

you’ll always be my “ sour cream and chives “

the one and only , queen bee to my hive


i walk into the classroom, the new boy indeed ,

wondering which of these hungry predators , will choose me on which to feed

my stomach turned and my hands become stiff

yes at this moment if i had a choice, i would have rather jumped off a cliff

this feeling of being stared at by dozens of eyes

i knew it would bad , but this , i did not realize

i was nervous and anxious and scared to make friends

what if all they cared about was money and brands ?

this was the days that i wish i should have stayed in bed

for this , is surely something that i simply dread

i had to be strong , but i wondered if that was something i could do

“ i can do it “ , just a few hours to get through.