Oh American!

oh, you’re from America? They question me.

yup. I sat back.
what state? I tell them.
what do you miss most about America?

honestly? The food!
what else?

that’s all! I’d give it all up, too

to forever live in London!


What do you fear, more than anything?

Would you tell me? Or would you keep it secret?
Maybe you would whisper it,

maybe you’d shout it.
if you tell me,

I’ll tell you.
I just want to know you

and the truth.
too often I’m around

lies. Honesty would be a breath of

fresh air!

Oh No!

that booster fever is kickin in!

that hot and cold feeling

and clammy skin.

arm is more sore

than before.
Now I gotta try and push though!

got an alarm set for every hour

to complete this task.

I hope I wake up, that’s not too

much to ask.
then at 2:00 I can sleep

The rest of the day.
I’ll wake up super early on

monday morn

and to the library

i will then go!

my nose in a book.
Notes will be taken.

gotta work on my dissertation.

September isn’t far off,

which is when it’s due.

I think I’m getting the symptoms

Of a mild flu.
oh no!


I’m waiting for

the second wind

to kick in!

there are no

coffee shops open

its just me,

on my own!

a constant in

my life.
And Sunday in London,

my coffee shop is closed.

emoji: sad face!

the lack of coffee

makes me feel,


Do You?

Magic! Real or fantasy?

If you believe in something

long and hard enough, does

that make it come true?

or is it destiny

or is it fate?

how do we get what we manifest?

I wished and hoped, and my dream

did come true. I went through

hell along the way. But yet, here I

sit, in the city I love, my city.
I never thought it possible, but

it’s true! I believe in magic,

do you?


A knot in my stomach

a lump in my throat

it’s hard to swallow, sometimes.

those moments that cause so

much anxiety. When you have

the talk you’ve been putting off.

the day you anticipate the news

you’ve been waiting for.
the moment before the surgery. Or

When you find out you’re moving

across the pond to fulfill a dream.

then it gets twisted, like spaghetti being

coiled around the fork.
what you want isn’t always what it

seems to be. Be careful that you don’t

get twisted in the chaos that

lurks, the twisted monster that

wants to see you fail. The twisted creature

that tries to break you. Twisted and coiled like a snake in the grass.
always remember that the grass gets cut down, too.
that abomination tried to get me twisted.

but I took the mower and the blades,

well, you know what they do!
never let anyone try and twist you.


So, I’m tired! I didn’t

plan my booster well.
my arm hurts like hell!
I’m only on hour

twelve, I, apparently, like to
sabotage myself on a daily basis.

too much to do. Yeah, I’ve got the

time, but I don’t use it very well.
I read. I eat. I sleep. I drink coffee.

but I don’t read. I don’t eat. I don’t sleep.
I always have coffee. That’s how my

life goes. I want to read. I want to eat.
I want to sleep. I always have coffee.
for reasons unknown, I often fail at my attempts to make my routine stick.
but I always have coffee. I always feel tired.
When I should be reading,

I get distracted and don’t.
when my tummy growls,

I should eat, but I don’t.
when my eyelids get heavy,

I should sleep, but I don’t.
when I want coffee, I get it.
but yet, I’m always tired.
I go walking when I should be writing.
not little walks, hours long.
cursing and yelling that

I really need to stop and focus!
then I stop and get coffee.
I go home after my walk. Lie

down in my bed, because I feel

tired. But I don’t sleep. I toss and turn.
seven a.m. rolls around. I’m still wide

awake. Then I see ten a.m., and I’m still awake. So I get up and go get coffee.
but I feel so tired.
finally, it’s four in the evening, and I fall asleep.
I wake up at one a.m., and can’t go

back to sleep. I head to the library.


Hot and humid summer days

scream to me, “EAT WATERMELON.“

Its cold red flesh cools me, hydrates me,

and makes a mess!

still, I’ve always loved watermelon

in the hot and humid summer.


Every night at midnight

i play wordle. I’m at 100% on

a 65 day streak!

I lost my old score when i

upgraded to a new phone.

there’s something about this game,

I can’t leave it alone.
sometimes I get the answer

on try three. Mostly try four.
only once have I done it

on the first line.
wordle is quite fine.

do you have a favorite five

letter word?

jaded or shark? Snake or faked?

scoop or baked?

Scrap or harry?

bitch or scary?

the list goes on and on.
so it’s almost time to play

guess I’ll bid you a fond adieu!





June Summer Night

I’ll never forget

that June summer night

when I stood on Tower Bridge,

looked over the railing,

and I wondered what it

would be like to fall over,

and I would fly for a moment

until I hit the water.

would I float?
would I sink to the bottom

where my life has always been?

the bridge, shining brighter

than the full moon- its

reflection rippling in

the Thames. And me, a moment,

a tiny fragment of billions

that have strolled and stood

in the same spot.

did they think the same thoughts too?