A house i built nowhere.

I constructed it near the mountains,

It has opened me like sky with compassion towards the grounds.

I let the windows unconverted on both sides,

It taught me to be open for changes,

I let bushes grow around it,

It has pushed me to grow and nourish no matter what,

I let the sun peep through the holes in the ceiling,

It has brought me the moonlight amidst the darkest hours of the night,

I have kept it empty of furniture

It has helped me empty my thoughts of grief and  painful attachments,

I have let all sorts of creatures to cherish inside it,

I had helped me survive amidst all the unwanted hardships,

I have made it with the waste and leftover woods,

It has shown me to rebuild  broken dreams with whatever hope is left,


A house I built out nowhere

And then I let it build me out of nothing.

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