Samson and the Stargiant: (a Legend of the Sheep)

Deep was the winter night,
The snow as thick as wool.
Silent prowled the stargiant
Seeking beetle-jewels.

Close he wandered to the flock
Of small Mulberry Farm
His glinting eyes as sharp as frost
And cold enough to harm.

Terrified they took to flight,
All slowed with snowy weight.
They made it halfway down the hill
But couldn’t cross the gate!

The younger sheep all scattered far,
The older ewes were trembling
And left behind on little legs
Was Samson, but a yearling.

Samson of the fluffy fleece!
Samson of the fables!
Samson of the adventurer
Of field and farm and stable.

The giant neared them steadily,
His breath as sharp as shears,
His footsteps bleak and crackling
As every lambling fears.

Small Samson found beside the fence
A hole through to the yard
But, this hero, flee the flock?
No! He ran back and –


He roared so fierce and nobly
The sunflock rose to graze.
With dawn the starkin crumpled
And melted clean away.

In the sunlight rising gently,
Mulberry Farm was saved.
All voices raised in bleating gaily
‘Samson! O Samson the brave!’

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