13… Koibito (a sedoka)

Will you come to me?
Evenings and again, my love,
to cherish at the sun’s set?

I will come to you,
through the dawn and back, my love,
a worshiping moon.

11… Kellerman’s

Tip toe

Around the abortion

And the premarital sex between white kids

And deviant reputations

Tip toe around

And don’t put your heel down.

10… Cough

Tiny boy
Big cough
Breaking heart
Endless night
Canceled plans
Cuddled toys
Popsicle favorites
Mama’s kisses
Daddy’s arms.

8… Candle

Flicker flicker
Bicker Bicker
Blessed be and
Cure what’s sicker

Fan the gospel
Fan the flame
Praise the Force and
Sing her name

Wonder Women
Equal.  Free.
Carrie Fisher and

7… Tumbler, (a duotrain)

Red and orange
Blue fern leaves
Golden petals
Dancing breeze

Tumbler tumbling
See the joy
Remembering water
Love employ

Tiny wonder
Chilling core
I’m not thirsty
You are more

Perfect balance
Joyous heart
Floral Tumbler
Stands apart

5… Cascade (a tanka)

Counting breaths like waves

Crashing lips over my dunes

A fluttered memory,

Full moons like our hips breaking

seaside to our ecstasy.

4.5… Splash

The children are laughing in the backyard as they splash with the hose.
The chickens scatter, but it only reminds me of the seeds we’ve burned
scattered like my thoughts
like our fears
like fuck you.

The children are laughing in the backyard as they race the sunlight naked in their joy
I hear their laughter and it sounds too much like screams.
They don’t understand what we’ve lost.  They don’t understand why Mother’s fear is a scent on the wind.
They delight in the hose, water play, and delights

without knowing how violent the world has become.