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Aishwarya13 -37 posts

Aishwarya is a budding poet from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India. She is a living paradox with oxymoronic feelings. Most of her days are spent contemplating her thoughts, later drafting it down. She feels alliteration is her better half and you would find her pressed, lost in pages, words of found poetry and novels everyday.

kcwolfe -37 posts

Just another semi-reluctant, and begrudgingly human artistic type residing in the toxic, yet inspirational air of Los Angeles. The creation of art and stories and music is what I've been put on this earth to do

viviak -37 posts

I was a creative writer when young, writing mostly poetry, then got into financial business communications and had to change my style to dry/factual. It has taken 10 years to unplug all those business ideas about how to write effectively and return to writing spontaneously. I am a novelist now, but I still write a lot of poetry, and hope the marathon reminds me always to keep my focus on the essence. That helps in all forms of writing!

please9 -37 posts

IT professional with a lifelong love of writing and research. I enjoy reading and writing poetry, sci-fi, fantasy and noir.

coffeywrites -37 posts

Hey everyone! I'm based in Rochester, NY. I've been writing my entire life, but have only been trying a serious go of it in the last year or so. My poetry has grown leaps and bounds just in that time, so I'm excited to keep progressing and see where it takes me.

ladylazarus -36 posts

canyonwriter -36 posts

Nancy Canyon is an artist and writer working in Historic Fairhaven, 1000 Harris, #6, Bellingham, WA. Her novel, Celia's Heaven, and book of poetry, Saltwater, can be purchased at Villagebooks.com. She teaches writing at WCC and coaches memoir writers for The Narrative Project. Graduate of PLU with MFA in creative writing: fiction/poetry. She has two 14-year-old pets: her dog Olive, and her cat, Sid.

lindahallstrom -36 posts

When I was in fourth grade, I won a classroom essay contest. The prize was a pencil case. Since that day, writing has been a hobby, a career, and a passion. I spent most of my professional life as a journalist, newspaper columnist, and public relations specialist. In my semi-retirement years, I find joy in writing and teaching poetry.

barzeusmolen -36 posts

Halle -36 posts

Mary Eugene Flores -36 posts

Hi There Marathoners, My name is Mary Eugene P. Flores, from the Philippines. I am a Business Excellence Analyst, Researcher, and at the present time a Medical Collection Reviewer and a Published Poet. My recent project was an anthology book where my poetry "Young, Old" was luckily part of. The book entitled: Metaphorposis: Speaking In tangka is currently on its top chart in amazon poetry book list in nature category. This is my 3rd year and I signed up for 24 hrs category. Poetry Marathon have been my yearly go to and I enjoyed every minute of experienced, and I can tell thah I'm learning a lot from the past 3 years as a marathoner, and for some other reasons that keeps me coming back. I'm excited to finally create new pieces push my limit to the edge, and also bond with the old and new marathoners☺ You may check out more of my writings on this page : https://www.facebook.com/LifeisForLivingPoetry

vskypoetress -36 posts

Art, in its many forms, has been and remained my outlet in everyday life. I believe that art is the one true passage way for the soul to communicate with the rest of the world. Being an artist has introduced me to people, cultures, and experiences I would have never had otherwise. As you read any of my poetry, music, view my art or listen to any of my audio poems, I hope that you look and listen with an open spirit. If I'm able to paint a picture of any kind in your mind, that's what counts. June of 2013 I published my second poetry book entitled "One". In 2010, I wrote and recorded my first single, "Love is not for the weak" Back in 2008, I opened a small painting business "Custom Creations" Yes, I love the arts! As of right now, I am working on another book, a comedy actually! A real life look at the dating scene in your 30's. You definitely wont want to miss this one! I still run "Custom Creations" and I am a poetry junky and will never put the pen down!

DonnaWriter -36 posts

I have been writing poetry since age 11. Free verse, quatrains, sonnets, haiku. I also write short stories and I paint, mostly in oils. I used to be a teacher and I act onstage as much as I can. Every word is a small section of my existence.

jilowill -36 posts

Based in Atlanta, Georgia I will be participating in the 1/2 marathon this year for the third time.

dkt2010 -36 posts

Kathryn is an author and freelance writer, a self-proclaimed book nerd, and a lover of art and music. She tries to inspire through her writings. Join in the conversation at Facebook.com/trudeaubooks.

ManuDrama -36 posts

teakay -35 posts

36, been writing since I was 13. Shy, until I get to know you.

acheairs -35 posts

Poet and novelist - Studied English Literature, Creative Writing, and Marketing/Management. Lives in Texas (USA)

garnetrose -35 posts

mandykocsis -34 posts

Born and raised in Detroit, I published my first book "Soul Survivor" in April 2020 and will shortly be publishing my second, "Surviving Wonderland". You can find more of my work at Mandy's Land on Fb.

anilynstone -34 posts

JaneDoe123456789 -33 posts

WRITING AND ME- My name is Rhyana and I love putting beautiful words together to create something beautiful. For me that is the definition of writing but poetry specifically. FUN FACTS- I can crack my ears and I really like narwhals. I am doing the half-marathon .

Amy C -32 posts

Who am I and why should you care? I hope that you can relate to my words, perhaps that is more important than telling you all the "whats" and "wheres" that are on my cv. I am human, I am a mother, an author, a physician, a person of faith. I have published a few poems, but I am not a professional poet, whatever that means. My favorite poet is Rolf Jacobsen. I like ancient poetry, such as Tong dynasty four character quatrains. I have a cat.

authorhj -32 posts

Multi-genre writer & many other things. 5 star ratings on Amazon and Kobo, as of 2016. I currently have 5 titles released; with 2 paperback editions coming out in July of 2019. Genres include: Poetry, general Fiction and YA. From Canada. Left-handed. [*Assume that all works are under © copyright of myself, with an exception only to the Anthologies*] All Rights Reserved.

The Begging Poet -32 posts

A human bean who does wordsing on occasion, hailing from Northern British Columbia, writing on Wet'suwet'en territory, home of the Gidimt'en Clan. If using mobile, landscape works best for formatting!

Vivian -31 posts

nadinefrisk -30 posts

debbiehainey -30 posts

I live in the Southwest. I dearly love writing poetry and haven't published anything yet but never give up. I'm working towards that goad now more than before. I love taking pics of my flowers and gardens and posting them along with my pics. I'm not complicated just simply enjoying life. Very excited for the challenge of this opportunity with the Half Day Marathon. Thank you

martinagallegos -29 posts

I was born and raised in Mexico and came to the U. S. at fourteen. I attended U. S. schools through graduate level after a major stroke. I started writing after the stroke in 2012 and publishing one month before my Masters. I published my first book, Grab the Bull by the Horns, Outskitrts Press, January 2016.

onewithebony -29 posts

seth -29 posts

Good day everyone! I'm Melissa Seth Albornoz, a native from Philippines, and presently working here in the middle east as a housemaid. I will be joining full time marathon. I love literature. I love reading and writing it on my own. I came here not just to compete to other participants, I came here to learn, enhance and develop my capability in writing, but, Its not only writing, but, my ability to arrange the letters on the air to form a word to touch one's life. I don't have a house, but, I have a home, and I found it here.. in this - "poetical world" Where A-Z unites and love each other as they form a word.

chuksoluigbo -29 posts

Susmita -29 posts

Susmita writes poetry, short fiction and creative nonfiction in English and Bengali. "Poetry in Pieces" (2018) is her first self-published chapbook and 'Himobaho Kotha Bole (When Glaciers Speak) is her first book of Bengali Poetry published by Kaurab (2019). Her recent English writings are forthcoming/ published from/in Geetanjali and Beyond, Indie Blu(e) Publishing, The New Amrita Bazar Patrika, Montauk, Plato's Caves online, and, Poetry and COVID. She is the Founding Editor-in-Chief and Poetry & Art Editor of The Pine Cone Review. www.thepineconereview.com She lives with her husband and their 6 and half year old son in Graz, Austria.

mernel -29 posts

I'm a Foreign English Teacher from Thailand. I'd been writing poetry and short story for quite a while. I love poetry because of its magical effect in telling a story. This is my first poetry challenge. I am so excited and a little anxious because I was not able to pursue this passion for a long time.

Sandy McLellan -29 posts

Anjana Sen -28 posts

I am 56, grew up in India, and have lived in Glasgow since the year 2000. Started writing in earnest four years ago and this is my third marathon. I write short stories, and am trying to write my first novel, but poetry continues to distract me. In March I won the First Prize (Dorothy Dunbar Rose Bowl Trophy) at the Annual Conference held by the Scottish Association of Writers

Kofi Acquah -28 posts

Kofi Acquah is an Award-Winning Poet, Author, Spoken Word Artist and a Musician from Ghana. He has been featured in over 10 publications— including anthologies, magazines, journals and online literary portfolios.

cchurchill -28 posts

Hello everyone this is my first poetry marathon and I am super excited about it... I haven't been writing all that long but hope you enjoy my entries. I am from MI between Detroit and Flint. If you want to see more of my work you can check me out on Instagram @cc_writes.

sweetjeni -28 posts

badger -28 posts

AnanyaPanwar -28 posts

An opacarophile, selenophile, bibliophile, clinophile, and a logophile. "Books comfort like wild flowers and soft sunshine." Hello! Residing in Mumbai, India, I love writing about beautiful sunsets and mesmerizing dark nights. My poems have been published in school magazines and in the Vigilance Awareness Magazines published by BPCL and the Central Railways and the 2021 Poetry Marathon Anthology. My poems are often on nature and I fancy myself a romantic. Also, I am a proud second year participant in the (half) Poetry Marathon. Hoping to read wonderful poems and exercise my creative muse.

Leonora Obed -28 posts

Jersey Girl fine artist and urban bard

Nasi .S -28 posts

Poet and Novelist Linkedin: Nasiha, creative writer... Author at Live Dream Nasi and in Abdul and Friends production team, Student at Ar-Rahman Higher Secondary School, Find my books in Amazon,Flipcart,Notion Press,Smash Words,Amazon kindle and Bookbildr.

marthak -28 posts

debrathewriter -28 posts

Writing is what I do. I am the author of two motivational books, Enlightenment Looking Back to Move Forward and Enlightenment II Building Self Esteem Through Poems and Positive Affirmations. Since the last marathon I have also released my first children’s book, Pennies Make Dollars and I had a short story published in an anthology called,A New Renaissance: A History of African American literature. Although I have had some great things to happen to me over the past year, I have also had some difficult things to happen as well. One of the most difficult things I faced in 2021 was the loss of my husband James after 45 years of marriage, but to add another layer of heartbreak to my life,I also lost my oldest son in January 2022. I like most people wanted to wrap up in a corner and feel sorry for all the hardships I had to face. however, instead of stopping, I used the time to reflect, meditate and heal through my writing. I can’t say it has always been easy, but it has helped me to realize I have more to be thankful for than I have to complain about. I enjoy singing, writing songs and providing encouragement where ever I can. Although I am a visually impaired person, I try hard never to allow anything to stop me from achieving my goals. I am looking forward to sharing, learning and growing during this marathon as I become a better writer during this experience.

Stef -27 posts

AQ -27 posts

Happy New Day, New Afternoon, New Evening, New Night!! I've been writing poems and performing poetry for almost 20 years. I am also a writer too of various genres. A stay at home wife and mother to 5 amazing children. Living and loving life as I Am walking in my Soul's Purpose to complete and fulfill my Life's Mission. While helping, incouraging, inspiring, motivating, and teaching others to do the same. Peace In The Blood, Angelica Stevenson aka AQ (Poet Name)

estie05 -27 posts

I am working on my drama therapist certification, and utilize theatre and poetry among other artistic trades with elders suffering from memory care

nancyk -27 posts

I am a mom of 5, just left teaching middle school after 15 years, and tend to write more nonfiction than anything else. I just received a new puppy 2 days ago, so I have lost the ability to get much done.

Double-AA-battery -27 posts

I am a 13 year old boy from India and I love writing poetry!!!I It's a funny story, how I started writing poems. I forgot to do my Homework one day and as a reprimand my English Teacher asked me to write a poem on Butterflies. I scribbled something in my notebook and turned it in to her. She loved it and went on to publish it in our school Annual Magazine. And that's how I got into poetry 😊😊😊

lyricalsociologist -27 posts

I'm a not-so-mild-mannered college instructor by day and writer by night. I'm an ex-animal rescuer and a forever animal lover. Finally, I'm a progressive, portly, political, powerful, pale-faced, passionate purveyor of poetry and prose.

thekurlman -27 posts

critico -27 posts

bejeweledpoetry -27 posts

sunandashome -27 posts

Every mood of mine has a colour, traveller, reader, occasional writer and an absolute foodie.

Beth Fleisher -27 posts

River E. Styx -27 posts

River is a queer, disabled writer from rural Maine. After obtaining a Bachelor’s of Social Work from the University of Maine, they spent the last decade working as a social worker working in mental health, HIV/AIDS care, harm reduction, and human sexuality. River now does freelance writing and is working on their first chapbook. They live with some friends and several cats. Twitter & Instagram are TheRiverEStyx.

marg54 -27 posts

Poet from Long Island, New York. She’s published in a number of Anthologies. Four chapbooks with Local Gems Press. This is her third Marathon.

Linda Makkimane -27 posts

I am an Emotional Wellness Coach who is a poet first.

jlnash -27 posts

Currently a columnist for Ipinion Syndicate (USA), has also published articles, poetry and short stories. 2001 - International Cricketer, poetry; 2002 – International Cricketer, poetry; 2003 – Richmond Review (USA) Poetry; 2005 – Marshall Islands Literary Review, poetry; 2006 – Paranoia (UK) poetry and flash fiction; 2006 – Zygote In My Coffee – Flash Fiction; 2006 – Scintilla, poetry; 2007 – Red Bubble, poetry, 2009 –2018 The Pandorian Arts Magazine, Features Editor and contributor of poetry and flash fiction; 2011 – A Moment, Solo poetry Publication (Amazon); 2011 – Eden’s Other Daughter, Poetry (Pandorian Publishing); 2012 – Beneath The Shadows The Soul Walks, short stories and photography with P. Pajdic (Pandorian Publishing); Performance Poet; Tropical Writers 2019-2018; 2019 - The Poets’ Breakfast, TFF and Fringe Poetry 2019 TFF.; 2019 - Blink-Ink #38; FlashFiction. 2020 - Turnpike Magazine, Poetry. 2021 - Memoir, a chapbook. 2021 Tea-Ku, Poems about Tea, 2021-The Purposeful Mayonnaise

Jane and Friends -27 posts

agirlwithaquestion -27 posts

not much to say but heyyyy what's up...? creating a creative future for full time not just part-time. writing and drawing are the backbone and brain while photography and poetry are the breast and hips. enjoy the content!

SincerelyBlueJay -27 posts

Thank you for finding your way to this beautiful story. I am a poet of two decades and I cannot wait to see where my work goes from here. My podcast is available on Spotify as Learning to Fly every day!

rootedphoenix -26 posts

I’m a mid forties poet from the Greater Austin Proper. We live in the suburbs of the Hill Country. I’m married 26 years to my best friend. And I’m a steward for my 16 year old daughter. I have a corgi with social anxiety. Instead of being a support dog for me, I am a support human for her. I also have 2 cats that will scratch me if I don’t mention them.

marty57 -26 posts

Alice -26 posts

jenniferprattwalter -26 posts

In this short bio, my every breath.

Nicole -26 posts

Just me. Clinging to this spinning ball. Loving life and my family. Even when im not. I live on the Eastern shore of Maryland, its beautiful and completely another world from anywhere else on earth. I am a crafter, an artist, a writer and an all around creative soul. Too many interests and not enough focus most of the time.

cbskala -26 posts

I am 20 years old, and I'm an author, a student, a poet, and a martial artist 🙂

oxmtch11 -26 posts

shanfordjeff -26 posts

young and yearning for a pen that creates the magic my mind makes.

anomalousresult -26 posts

I'm a technical writer with a massive financial company who blundered into the role through a series of lucky coincidences. But, I also write things that are non-technical, because procedures and processes are poor sustenance for the soul, and a wildly inappropriate place for reckless creativity.

tammy -26 posts

trini -26 posts

Danielle Martin aka Trini is an emerging Caribbean poet. This is her first Half Marathon, she completed two Full Marathons in 2016 and 2017 respectively. In 2018, she released an anthology titled, "Kissing Shadows: Caribbean Love Poems" which made an appearance on Amazon's Best Sellers List. Danielle hopes to release another anthology soon.

valley2 -26 posts

shrikaanth -26 posts

I am a doctor from India living in England. A trained vocalist and a composer in Indian Classical Music, I write in several languages. My haikai writings appear regularly in reputed journals and anthologies, and have won prizes. A former editor of Cattails (senryu), and former proofreader for journals Cattails and Skylark, I am now the Editor of Blithe Spirit, journal of the British Haiku Society.

Shaunton Taylor -26 posts

I LOVE writing poetry. It is my first and last thought of each day. I love cakes, pies, and chocolate. I think roller coasters are an awesome way to relieve tension and aggression. My favorite place to be is near watersides enjoying the sounds and beauty of nature. I value challenges, BUT I never want to be US president.

mary -26 posts

I live in Panama City, Panama (originally from Iowa, USA). Writing poems is my way to make sense of the world. I've worked/lived in Africa, Asia, Europe and Central America. I'm an avid bird watcher (even before the pandemic). Im also a dog lover - without a dog. Married 31 years with 3 adult children and many wonderful friends from around the world.

ladybird -26 posts

I've been writing since I was a young girl. I'm looking forward to the poetry marathon to engage in a challenge of producing a large body of work in a short period of time. In recent times I have developed the confidence to share my writing with friends and with their encouragement I'm venturing further a field to the public arena.

lepetitpoetry -26 posts

MaritzaMMejia -26 posts

A bilingual substitute teacher born in Colombia and live in Florida with my husband and our two teenagers. I published my memoir "Hazel Eyes" (2010, two FIVE Stars Bilingual Children Books: "Vanilla and Chocolate" (2012) and "Grandma's Treasure" (2014), and "Poems, Thoughts and More" (2015) by WRB Publishing. I write to inspire others to be a better person. I will prepare for half-marathon by setting up my workplace, preparing my favorite food (Italian) and getting familiar with Wordpress. Happy Marathon!

norabele -26 posts

afarmer -26 posts

Aleta Nolan -26 posts

I have been writing since junior high (a very long time ago) when I won an essay contest. Such motivation is rare and wonderful. I am currently figuring out the ropes to become published.

natoraspen -26 posts

Laurel Wilson -26 posts

I'm a writer and an artist. I've been travelling for the last year among family and friends with my dog in an 18' RV. What an amazing adventure and perspective on all the recent changes! It's a scary time full of opportunity and growth. The Poetry Marathon is part of embodying that life of energetic commitment to artistic effort.

deko111 -26 posts

I have been writing poetry and prose since I was in my 20s. I have had many short stories published as well as a book of poetry, ASPHALT SOUNDS by Fore Angels Press: NY. I am active in many writing associations in New York and have been published nationally and in Canada and Croatia. Writing has come easy to me and has widened a journey of love and self awareness which I cherish. I look forward to begin this poetry journey.

lakitagayden -26 posts

Chicago native Mother of two Gigi of one Stay at home Gigi for the moment Unpaid Artist of sorts

nandiya -26 posts

EbonySB -26 posts

Author, Poet, Yogi and Blogtalk Radio Host. Writing is how I release, talking is how I heal, yoga is how I balance. From VA, looking forward to the 24hr marathon.

emilyland -26 posts

This is my first year doing the marathon. I am doing the full marathon.

gitabharath -26 posts

author details Gita Bharath has enjoyed five years of teaching middle school before starting on a banking career that lasted thirty four years. Now, happily retired, she focusses on writing and trying out kolam art. She has published six volumes of poetry. Her first book Svara contains three hundred poems, comprising narrative, humour,and philosophical verses. Her work has featured in international anthologies, and won prizes from Literoma, Asian Literary Society, Story Mirror, etc,

The Bountiful Balcony Poet -26 posts

With an ear for poetry and a heart for readers, T. Haven Morse uses poetry as a vehicle for forging connections. And, as a side note, she loves to spend hours wandering in the woods of her 18-acre farmstead in the forest! "Not all those who wander are lost." - Tolkien

ipsita -26 posts

Mom, lawyer, poet. Living life as if it's real...

MaxineWiseWrites -26 posts

Living in Ottawa, Canada with my notebook close by at all times. Poetry focused on geography - the world and our relationships with it. Probably daydreaming about the beach. Obsessed with tea and cats.

Archana Kapoor Nagpal -26 posts

Archana Kapoor Nagpal is an internationally published author of four books – '14 Pearls of Inspiration', 'The Road to a Positive Life', ‘A Haiku Per Day’ and 'The Fragrance of a Beautiful Life'. She often participates in the short story competitions, and her winning stories are now part of international anthologies - 'New Love: Anthology of Short Stories' and the ’12 Facets of a Crystal’. She has seen her short stories, poems and Haiku published in other anthologies as well – ‘A Pinch of Love, Peace and Humanity ’, ‘Atoms of Haiku’, and the ‘Ripples of Love’. She has also been actively involved in the editing, proofreading and book designing of these three anthologies. She has also seen her poems published in numerous other literary journals, blogs, websites and anthologies including Friday Gurgaon, Whispers, Writers Asylum, VerseWrights, The Bamboo Hut, Frogpond (Issue 37-2) – The Journal of the Haiku Society of America, Under the Basho, Asahi Haikuist Network, HOO-Knows Home & Family Magazine, Harvests of New Millennium (Art & Poetry), Gems (An Anthology of haiku, senryu and sedoka), Taj Mahal Review (An International Literary Journal ), Frameless Sky, Tamarind Magazine, A Hundred Gourds 4.1, DailyHaiga, brass bell: a haiku journal, UHTS (United Haiku and Tanka Society) Cattails, Tulip, Paper Wasp, Prune Juice (Journal of Senryu Kyoka & Haiga), Gnarled Oak, Faces and Places – Haiku Anthology, The Mustard Grain, Ershik #9, Modern Haiku (45:3 Issue), Issa’s Untidy Hut, hedgerow: a journal of small poems, NeverEnding Story (Butterfly Dream Haiku), Chrysanthemum 17 and many others. Her haiku and senryu are translated into Chinese, German and Russian as well.

Jade -26 posts

Leonardo Hadit Crowley -25 posts

Divya Venkateswaran -25 posts

ngoziandrew -25 posts

Ngozi Andrew is a linguist and communicator who lives in Lagos, Nigeria. A lover of words and everything that can be created with it. She is a fledgling writer and poet who hopes to see her works published soon.

shawker -25 posts

Secondary English teacher in Worcestershire, England. Amateur novelist and follower of the old ways. Blessed Be! 😉

megawriter -25 posts

I'm a 20 year old young man from California who loves to write, act, play games, and so on. While I'm not currently a published author or poet, I have been a competitive writer on both a local and a global scale. This will be his first year as a participant in the poetry marathon and he is looking forward to the creativity and challenge.

renaego -25 posts

I’m in published poet with a degree in English from the University of Tennessee. For a living I’m a social worker. I didn’t start writing poetry until I was in my mid-40s but I found that I really loved it. I also make jewelry and other artistic endeavors. I’m originally from Pennsylvania and I spent 20 years in Tennessee- now I live in work in Arizona. I’m so happy they’re allowing half marathoners to basically pick their own timeframe. That’s going to help me a lot.

v-j-calone -25 posts

v.j.calone (poet, playwright, actor, director) Vincent graduated SUNY Oswego '95 studied under Lewis Turco author of, “The New Book of Forms.” New drama “The Bathroom Sink” fall/winter '22. New chapbook UNWOUND / 40 poems and songs and A re-issue of “A Caesura; A Delve into Podics,” available for trade or upon request @jeweliasdad@aol.com. Vincent is glad to be part of the wonderful writing collective. www.brateragency.com

kosh -25 posts

I enjoy writing poems and short stories and have begun writing a novel. I love science fiction/fantasy the most but enjoy every genre. I like to explore the depths of the human psyche and jiggle around whatever I find. While much of my work is traditionally dark, I enjoy the lighter side of humanity and try to fill my works with hope. I also hate talking about myself because I never know what to say...so there! Lol

eve-mary -25 posts

Eve is a 5th grade teacher in Massachusetts. She has been writing poetry since she was seven. Mary, her daughter, is presently teaching English in Santiago, Chile. This year, Eve and Mary are teaming up as a mother-daughter team to share our love of words.

jondelb -25 posts

jgershon1213 -25 posts

Love everything! Fear nothing. Four words to live by. I am living the art of knowing rather than believing. I have a college degree, but my passions have came from nature. My degree is in psychology, which suits me well because i enjoy researching and experimenting. I also know that our minds are our strongest muscles in our bodies. We are just a soul living in skin. I used to think, "I may not be where i want to be, but i'm going somewhere". Now, i think, "I am exactly where i should be, and everything is exactly how it should be". The only thing that has ever held me back from anything is a thought. Usually those thoughts came from fear. I made up my mind to leave no room for fear in my life. So now, all of my dreams are coming true. Its a pleasure to be here, and to write.

micjowi -25 posts

JessicaCruz -25 posts

SarahW -25 posts

Native New Englander living on the south coast of MA. Although always writing poems in my head, I need/value the structure of an exercise like this marathon to put them into tangible form. Besides, it's a lot of fun to read how others interpret any given prompt. And what a fine way to spend a half-day or more!!! Looking forward to meeting you and reading your words.

Cameron Gilkes -25 posts

I am freelance writer and photography by nights and weekends. By day I work in the standard 9:00 to 5:00 world of corporate America. I have been writing poetry since I was able to put words on paper. My life and my hobbies all revolve around this love for words. Everyday I challenge myself on how I can do a little more with my passion for writing.

Thariyah Shah -25 posts

h-e-m-poetry -25 posts

I am a sixteen-year-old artist, author, and poet, striving to spread joy and connection through my God-given passion for poetry. I aim to create poetry that is touching and relatable to people from all walks of life. I hope you enjoy my work.

dreethestoryteller -25 posts

Ivan Bekaren -25 posts

An actor, singer - songwriter and poet who finds creating, performing and promoting art of all kinds for the beautification and advancement of human consciousness worthwhile. Through storytelling and the art forms, always looking to learn something new, enlighten, and entertain.

afrose -25 posts

S Afrose, from Bangladesh.

eilidhstjohn -25 posts

hknutson -25 posts

gloriajean -25 posts

Writer, Mother, Runner, Poet, Dreamer, Eternal Optimist, Relentless Thinker, Music Lover and #1 Fan of @_thederbygirls

Kiba Elunal -25 posts

susanstedman -25 posts

I started writing stories when i was 6 years old and it has remained my passion for 48 years now. My first public pieces were for my high school newspaper, then for our local county newspaper. I posted 35 stories & poems on a popular erotica website in the 90s, then exited that genre. In the last 8 years, i wrote essays for a ministry where i worked and produced all their literature. While there, I also led a monthly writer's group. All my life, i wrote for myself - as a form of therapy, I suppose. I have written dozens of novels over the years but never tried to publish any until last week when a persuasive friend talked me into doing it. As of today, I have 4 books published on Amazon. They make up a series that is part romance, part suspense with a teeny bit of Irish faery-magic mixed in. This is my first poetry marathon and I'm really looking forward to the challenge.

darialebedeva -25 posts

Catherine -25 posts

Nerdy Torontonian with a writing hobby

Jan S -25 posts

I've lived in eastern North Carolina, U.S.A. for the past 19 years. My boys are grown, and I have one granddaughter and one (granddaughter) on the way! Life is good. I love to write, and photography is also something I engage in as often as I can.

unexpectedpoet23 -25 posts

I go to a highschool in Tennessee. I am a sophomore now. I started writing at the beginning of my freshman year when I was at a hard time in life I was and still use it as a coping mechanism. But, I'm doing better. I am here because my mom found this website and I'm so glad she did I'm here to test my skills on different topics and the way I'm going to do that is to do it all. When I get something in my head I'm stubborn toward myself because I know I can do it. And doing this contest is going to make me have more and more self discipline toward myself. I have 70+ pages of poetry just from a year ago. I had more but I ended up losing them. But, I'm not to happy about that in myself that I did it. But, its okay I plan on writing so much more. And just this alone gives me 24 more poems. I am also willing to read poems but I'm not to great giving advice on them but the fact that I like them, they're amazing, or beautifully written. But, seriously I'm always willing to read anything. Anyway, I write what I feel, what others feel, what needs to be said, etc. Anyway, you're all beautiful and hope you have a great time reading my poetry.

sole95 -25 posts

Translator, Interpreter, Editor, Writer, World Traveler, Lover of fine art, Poetry, Music, Cuisine, Architecture, Interior Design and Interesting People.

Giles -25 posts

I am a blind poet living in south Wales, UK. I lost my sight 9 years ago, so have written poetry as both a sighted and blind poet. I've been writing since high school and have started taking it more seriously in the last 5 years. My debut pamphlet, Dressing Up, was published by Cinnamon Press earlier this year. I used to play piano and am trying to re-learn it now I'm blind. You can find me on Twitter at @Bix_cool

Meghana -25 posts

An English graduate who adores the diverse caprices of the language. I'm just on a journey to explore the world and try to find my true self, all through poetry. I enjoy reading, and in my spare time, I bake a tonne of sweetmeats.

sophiag -25 posts

I am a Missionary to Central/South America. I have been writing for a very long time. I am currently on a 3 month long journey away from my family in Costa Rica, learning Spanish. I love the Lord very much and He inspires all that I write. Proverbs 31:25 "She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future." My life verse!

presleytieman -25 posts

Robert Nalagan -25 posts

I'm 35, starting my long and painful but rewarding career as a culinary arts professional. I'm doing the whole marathon. I'm going to attempt to post every hour but alas I work the swing shift at a restaurant.

DanielleM -25 posts

A former Journalist and Copy Writer from the Caribbean. Danielle is finally taking the plunge and sharing her secret passion with others. She is working on her first poetry book and hoping that she'll continue flying towards her dreams.

Denise Krebs -25 posts

Chief learner in life, faith, and love.

Jennifer Meneray -25 posts

gmazul -25 posts

Gina writes novels, short stories, and poetry. She is currently working on a YA science fiction novel. A former science teacher and herbalist and current triathlete -- Gina draws on these diverse interests to inspire her writing.

m-flintsuter -25 posts

lilla -25 posts

Bollimuntha -25 posts

I am an Indian, belongs to Telangana State. Published 15 books both in Telugu and English Language. Broadcasted Radio plays.

chepchumba -25 posts

philipv-coombs -25 posts

Crystal Davis -25 posts

A modern troubadour trading 365 global experiences for words through Project Curious. Lover of honey tea and fan of odd socks, about to start a writing residency in Italy for July! I am taking on the full marathon, and look forward to the glories of sleep deprivation and intense creative immersion! You can find me at www.crystaldavis.com.au or on fb as CrystalDavisAuthor xx

tawnya -25 posts

sreela -25 posts

markpoet -25 posts

Onoruoiza Onuchi is a Corporate Communications Warhead, Lexical Hitman and an eclectic Wordsmith. He is a Nigerian based in Lagos, Nigeria.

chowilawu -25 posts

Expatriate living, working, and writing in Canada. Have been experiencing the lighter, brighter, and beautiful parts of life along with a few of its darker sides for a long time. I am more the semblance of a storyteller than a poet, but I love the genre in order to say certain things succinctly and with craftsmanship.

gmariec -25 posts

everybody a poet

ryne -25 posts

judyk -25 posts

imee12 -25 posts

Hi! I'm trying to get back into writing after having a baby six months ago! When I'm not hanging out with my little girl, I'm a software engineer. I'm excited to be a part of this poetry marathon.

bevc721 -25 posts

I am a retired elementary public school teacher, who taught 3rd and 4th grade for 34 years. I'm enjoying writing during my retirement years, as well as learning how to play the piano! My husband and I live in Kentucky, and we're enjoying our "empty nest". We both enjoy traveling, serving in our church, and gardening.

dolcevita -25 posts

Baker -25 posts

I am a young aspiring writer, who wants to restyle and revamp his writing. I am a serious adrenaline junkie and writing helps take my mind off doing death defying stunts and actions

Christina DiEdoardo -25 posts

I'm a criminal defense attorney and organized-crime historian who's looking forward to spreading her wings and doing more poetry. Can't wait for the marathon! 🙂

ismtheearthdisturber -25 posts

ZephieJade -25 posts

Ropa -25 posts


davehirsh -25 posts

elenaleejohnson -25 posts

dusty.grein -25 posts

Dusty Grein is an author, award-winning poet and graphics designer from Federal Way, Washington. He currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, where his 15 year old daughter is trying to raise him tight (with limited success). A contributing member of the Society of Classical Poets, he focuses on keeping the classic forms of meter and rhyme fresh and alive. When he is not busy writing, he donates a great deal of his time and graphics talent. In honor of his grandson Eddy, lost to SIDS at 13 weeks old, he creates free memorial images for bereaved families, with a special focus on infant and pregnancy loss. His blog, From Grandpa's Heart... is followed by fans around the world.

givenqdaviswritesgmail-com -25 posts

Leo Bianco -25 posts

I started writing to get me through a hard time with my son's surgeries at the request of friends who said to try writing you can't keep it all bottled up inside and turns out I enjoy making people feel my words so I dabble every now and then, am i an author or poet? no i don't think so, have i been published? no other than my blog? am i a writer no I just write. why am i here? to see what real writers poets and authors think of my writing to see if maybe I am wrong and possibly I do fall into one of the categories that I have been thinking I'm not good enough to be in

danielzorn -25 posts

brianhasson -25 posts

cindykarnitz -25 posts

I am writer and editor. I blog about food, family and philosophical notions when the climate dictates. I am published in fiction, non-fiction, poetry and as an editor. I work a day job in Aerospace. I have five kids, two grandkids and an extremely loving and supportive husband. I believe coffee should be its own FDA approved food group. http:\\www.cindykarnitz.com

reuben -25 posts

I live in Sydney, Australia and populate my time with inspirations and fascinations. I'm currently studying literature and working as a cook but I spend most of my time reading, writing, playing chess or country music and asking myself if it's too late for coffee or too early for wine. The poetry marathon seems like a wonderful way to further distract myself from everyday affairs.

dextajean -25 posts

Dexta Jean was raised in Arkansas, but her maternal ancestral home is Puerto Rico. She is a poet, a painter, a pilgrim, a mother, and a new Gigi. She also takes her conceptual art pieces and travels the region delivering "art sermons." She considers both poetry and visual art as powerful conduits to initiate discourse on the failings and celebrations of the human condition. Dexta Jean teaches college writing and is a doctoral candidate in the field of art leadership. She loves to laugh and sit among her ferns, hostas, and koi in her peace garden.

bowlerhatfox -25 posts

Writer and historian.

courtneyhype -25 posts

I am a poet, blogger, and go getter from San Diego, California. I'm not a very interesting person, but I have noticed that people sometimes enjoy my words.

Snigdha Shaw -25 posts

Snigdha Shaw is a Kolkata based Software Engineer by profession, following her passion as a blogger. Exploring different styles of writing, she has been writing poems since a very young age. Her poems have been published in various anthologies, International Journals and magazines. She aspires to excel in spoken word poetry. You may reach her at www.museofpoetry.com or follow her at Facebook/museofpoetry, Instagram/museofpoetry_

jlwright -25 posts

J. L. Wright is a fulltime RVer enjoying traveling the United States. J. L. wishes to start conversations about current issues through an artistic voice in poetry, photography, and graphic art. Recent publications include The Wire’s Dream Magazine, GNU Journal, Whatcom Watch, Solstice Magazine, and Peace Poets Anthology and chapbook.

El Berto -25 posts

emitch -25 posts

Jersey Girl. Tough. Sweet. Smart. Unique.

sfalk09 -25 posts

tammyg -25 posts

ajanta -25 posts

Poet, Writer, Artist, Photographer, Reader, Mother, Friend, Moderating Mediator, Space Holder, Eclectic Beholder, Societal Observer, Mindful Meditator, Spiritual Journeyer, Grounded, Compassionate Listener, Articulate Communicator, Interested Bystander, Existential Commentator, Soulful Musical Reveller, Multifaceted Peripheral Dweller, Wiser, Eclectic Wondering, Wandering Renunciate.

Nix -25 posts

Writer and reader 🙂 and I am participating in the poetry marathon, trying to the 24 hours 😊

Addy -25 posts

Recreation Therapist, Dramatic Arts Major

marathondaun -25 posts

Daun M. Wright, aka The Permissible Poet, Podcaster & Freelance Creative Writer. Daun pens poetry that speaks to the heart of our being, while allowing each reader to reflect on their life's journey. She resides in London, Ontario Canada

magsatphd -25 posts

Educator, writer, and more...

obidity -25 posts

joanie -25 posts

This is somewhat formal for a PIttsburgh girl--no MFA, just a love of words. By the way, I am doing half marathon. Joan Leotta has been playing with words since childhood. She has won awards in the USA and abroad for her writing and performing. Joan has four novels, a collection of short stories, and a picture book in print. Her poetry and essays are in Gnarled Oak, Red Wolf, A Quiet Courage, Eastern Iowa Review, Hobart Literary Review, Silver Birch, Postcard Poems and Prose and others. She recently completed a second term as a Tupelo 30/30 poet and her second picture book, Summer in a Bowl, comes out in September 2016. Joan also performs folklore and one-woman shows on historic figures and teaches writing and story performance. She lives in Calabash, NC with husband Joe where you can find her walking the beach or sorting travel photos. You can reach her at www.joanleotta.wordpress.com and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Joan-Leotta-Author-and-Story-Performer/188479350973

Aymen Zaheer -25 posts

Respected friends, i am from Pakistan, but born and grew up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and am part of the Pakistan Writers Club. Automation is my job, but poetry is my passion. Wrote various articles and local community reports that were published in news papers.

I.B.Y -25 posts

Writer and poet, I am passionate about stories that go beyond narrative and dive into the nuance of the human experience.

yibbet -25 posts

I teach writing in many different contexts, and I think making stuff may save us.

Veronica Robbins -25 posts

I'm a professional writer by trade, which means I write for food, but rarely for me. Married mother of two. San Francisco Giants fan. Dog lover, Lover of the written word.

Hannah -25 posts

So what does one do once they graduate with a creative writing degree with a minor in art? Yup, they become underemployed with little time to write at home. I'm doing the poetry marathon to force myself to work around my work schedule and finally get back to doing what I love. I chose my degree because it was my passion, and now I want to get back to realizing my dream.

tammibelko -25 posts

I live in Rocky River, Ohio. I am a middle school English Language Arts teacher and Gifted Intervention Specialist and author of newly released contemporary Young Adult novel, Perchance to Dream (written in verse and prose). This will be my 4th year participating in the 1/2 Poetry Marathon.

thepoetrajah -25 posts

Jodi Varnese -25 posts

I am a short story writer and poet by night. I enjoy music of various genres and horseback riding. My partner in crime is my boxer, Roxie, and I do my best to follow the guidance of Jesus and the Holy Spirit through life's many challenges and great experiences.

Aisha Nazir -25 posts

I'm a 20 year-old and I have always had a passion for poetry. I love to write just anything though. I think, mostly, I write because I want to be heard.

thefirestarter -25 posts

Originally hailing from Chitown or as commonly known Chicago, I now reside in Ocala, Florida. I come from a strong Puerto Rican background laced with Creole/black descendance. Growing up in a big city afforded me the privilege of being exposed to many breathtaking journeys, heartaches, tragedies and experiences. All of these circumstances created in me an eclectic array of characteristics that can only be attributed to me. I love who I am. I can only thank God for every single occurrence in my life that brought me to this point. And so I write.

farzana -25 posts

Shiloh Osheen -25 posts

Shiloh Osheen has written poetry their entire life. They also write stories, primarily in the fantasy genre, but they have dabbled in other genres as well. For them, writing is like breathing - it is both essential and instinctual. They have published one poetry anthology so far, As Viewed By a Poet Protagonist. Their work is also included in the Journeys anthology, Stories and Poems in the Song of Life, and the Poetica magazine. They hope to publish more of their works in the future.

thepoeticunderground -25 posts

I'm Erin, 19 years old from (usually) sunny Queensland, Australia. I run the blog thepoeticunderground.com and I don't even know what I'm getting myself into.

kevinbrennan -25 posts

Hi My name is Kevin Brennan and this is my first time doing the poetry marathon. I am from Dublin Ireland. I am currently working on my second novel, a science fiction story that starts in the present and goes fifty years into a utopian future where the human race saves itself and the planet thanks to a worldwide shift in attitude. My nickname comes from the title of my first book Gurriers. I perform poetry in The International Bar in Dublin every Wednesday at a fantastic event called Dublin's Underground Beat. This is a music and poetry open mike night where all artists are welcome. We get lots of overseas talent. Last night we had a poet from Chicago, a blues guitarist from Salt Lake City and a harmonica player from Germany. Any poets who come to Ireland should come and join us for a session.

themorningreads -25 posts

Samantha -25 posts

Show me inspiration, and I'll show you the world. Budding writer, dreamer, lifelong learner. <3

Denise -25 posts

My name is Denise and I have been writing poetry for over 40 years now. I started writing as a child; it was a way of saying what I could not speak.

LolaB -24 posts

I'm a Children's author and Teacher. I empower children to see themselves the way God sees them. I love to watch movies, read and eat ice cream sandwiches.