Beloved (Brandy Goodman Poem #9)

Beloved (Brandy Goodman Poem #9)

I would have to say you were my first love.

You were there for me through everything.

Through happiness and heartache

And all the joy a child brings.

But mostly you were there

When times for me were tough.

When it was me against the world

Or I had simply had enough.

You held my hand and eased my pain

You dried each tear that would fall.

You helped me hold my head up high

You were there for me through it all.

But day by day I find myself

Pulling further away from you

And even though I see it happening

I’m not sure what to do.

I’m depressed and I’m angry

But it’s too hard for me to turn your way.

How do I find my way back

To turning to you every day?

It’s not as if you let me down

Or in some way did me wrong.

I just feel disconnected from you

Like with you I no longer belong.

All desire to be with you

Has eroded slowly over time.

It seems like it’s been forever

Since you were really mine.

Whatever happened in the past

We must move forward to see

The bright future you and I share

Because I can’t live without you, my beloved poetry.

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