Thank you guys

Iam out it was a pleasure, glad i managed to endure the 12hrs on my debut all the best to the seniors who have another 12hrs to go, keep pushing i will do the sleeping on your behave.
Thnk you


How do you mr Chameleon?
With envy I’m green
With jealous I’m grey
With admiration I’m…

So how many suits do you have Sir?
Your epidermis is loaded
Your step, is it by design or by default?
You tongue roughly how long?
Your eyes 360
Zoom in zoom out
Your simplicity is contrary to wallet size

I zoomed in on you
I saw you blend with your environment
In seconds
I saw you aim for prey
Your precision; sniper
Your strike-rate; top cricketer
Your multiplexed eyes;photo journalist
The spring in your tongue; fighter jet eject parachute

You don’t have speed but you fast
You don’t show off but you rich
You have every shade of colour
You mix&match at will
You eat at will
I saw you fight a snake one day;
Your bravery
Your witty
Your intelligence
Second to none

Mr Chameleon
I salute you
What you lack in size
You have in tools
Your smartness;your strength
Long live Sir
Can I borrow a suit for my wedding day Sir.

Spot The Difference

Normal people are very abnormal
They expect everyone to behave like them
If they don’t, they are abnormal
Abnormal people are so normal
They don’t expect normal treatment
From normal people
They are okay with…
Who police the police?
Judge not.


Snake enters the hole
Snake fits hole
Hole doesn’t fit Snake

Men enters earth
Men want earth to fit men
Men destroy earth to fit self.

Have You Lived

“I want to die.” said the suicidal girl
“If you have lived go ahead and die.” said grandma.


my walk into the forest
revealed to harmony in nature
i didn’t know that the songs birds sing in the forest are properly choreographed
in unison with the trees and all
the birds do the vocals
the trees take to the dance floor
the wind is the choirmaster
some trees do percussion
catering fall under trees too
they serve wild berries
the fragrance from the flowers
keep the entire forest fresh and inviting
beees make honey for dessert
as they effortlessly help with pollination
nature’s process are properly measured and cut to fit
I set down nicely  on a rocking rock
enjoying natural air-con under a big shady tree
i was marvelling nature and its serenity
when i was forced to take to my heels                        a big green Mamba fell next to me
i didn’t regret the forest
the harmony                                                                 the hospitality                                                             the tranquility                                                              the beauty                                                                           Oooh! forest  you are organised                                    you have a lot to teach us                                                Please! teach us.

Unprocessed Words

I see
I hear
I think
I talk
But sometimes
I see
I hear
I talk
Usually when this sequence happen
I am forced to swallow my pride
And eat my words.


The wind
Just like the feather it’s pushing
Both directionless.

You Need A Stranger

needle is metal
thread is fibre
biologically; no connection
productively; close connection
otherwise forget the dress.

When I Grow Up

when I grow up
when I grow up I want to be god
I want to kill Satan
And all the satanic people
Who terrorise good people
Especially children
I will champion children’s rights
Will make sure all children
Are well feed; balanced diet
Well dressed
Shielded from harm 24/7

I will makes sure chocolates, sweets, candy…
Grow on trees
And every child has access
I will close schools in winter
Infact I will remove winter season from the yearly seasons
I will be assistant god
I will work closely with God my creator
I will change the world
I will make it safer and equal
I will do it,I will be a fair god

I will make my parents rich
Very rich
I am sick and tired of seeing them toil
They barely have enough to spoil me
It’s all hand to mouth
The other day they couldn’t afford to buy me a simple cake on my birthday.
I see this and it pains me
That’s why I want to be a god
When I grow up
Don’t worry mum and daddy
I will rescue you and our neighbours
They are toiling too
Hang in there…