#16 Definition

It never is like the movies

where fate makes your worlds collide

where soulmates get drawn to one another

and angels and violins your meetings preside.


it is work, hard work

you have to talk, adjust, make time,

It is a journey of two souls,

embarked with open minds.


It is not the in the grand gestures,

but the small ones, the routine, the mild,

a warm hug, a stolen kiss, a mischievous wink,

The choice to let go, no matter how riled.


It is a synonym of acceptance,

of gratitude, of forgiveness,

it is about being there,

listening and supporting.


It is the quiet touch after a fight,

the pride in the eyes that says, ‘she’s mine’,

It is the book bought for me after every work trip,

and handling my crazy after a bottle of wine.


For me, it is trust,

it is happiness, faith, the freedom to be true,

it is not an elusive concept burdened with fancy words,

for me, it is, simply…You.


-Prachi S


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