Hour 24 – Danger

The sky is on fire

She painted it red because it was her favorite color

Where others saw danger

She saw freedom

Let them be afraid

Approach her with caution

Or you might get burned

Hour 23 – The Fault In Our Starsq

The fault in our stars

Has never been the way your eyes

Light up when you talk

Or your goofy smile at an inappropriate joke,

Or the way you grab the steering wheel

The fault in our stars

Was not giving me you sooner

So that we may spend

A bigger infinity together

Than the one we already have

Hour 22 – Tenderness

There are days I don’t quite like myself

Nothing seems to align

Every sentence ending in a sigh

But there’s the calm in my storm

The peace to my internal war

And all I need

Is to exist in his tenderness

Hour 21 – Late Nights

Late nights turned early morning

Your arms are welcoming as ever

Nothing better than sleepy cuddles

With forehead kisses on top

Even when my mind is racing you still give me peace

Can’t wait to crawl into bed with you

Hour 20 – Lovely

How lovely it is

To be the person you need

That you reach for with everything

To heal the wounds of my inner child

And prevent the wounds of yours

To foster your dreams and hopes

Nothing is more important

Hour 19 – I am Mother Nature

I bloom and reach for the sky,

Drink the sunlight and bathe in her warmth

I wither and fade

Making room for new life

I grow dormant and wait for the day

I can bloom again

Hour 18 – Freeze Time

How do I freeze time
The days are long but the years are short
And I don’t want to miss a moment
Even when I’m tired, I never really tire
Of keeping you safe and warm and happy
I know you need me
But I may need you more

Hour 17 – 1 AM

Whisper secrets through the phone
Rather this than feel alone
To know I’m just an option
Why in love must we take such cautions

Better me than her
To feel this hurt
But I always long
To be proven wrong

But for you this is only
The things you said when you were lonely

Hour 16 – I Wish I Could Tell You

How I wish I could tell you
That the days of slammed doors
Harsh words
Broken picture frames
And lost opportunities
Would be traded
For tender touches
Youthful joy
And unconditional Love

Hour 15 – In the Garden

In the garden
I am new
Unburdened of the world’s issues
Nurturing nature the way I was intended to
Returned back to my roots
Life’s simple if you choose

In the garden
I am old
Reminisce of days past
Caring for that which lasts
Worry not of being outcast
Trying not to live too fast

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