Prompt 9 – Childhood Fluff

the inspo:  Marshmallow fluff


sticky sweet

on my tongue dissolve

like childhood promises

and lingering kisses

on the lips of memories 

Prompt 8 – Still


calls to me

Dark fathoms dropping

like stones into cold waters

Weightless, I’m claimed

by silence


Prompt 7 – I dissent

I dissent

and do not consent

to your violation of

my sovereign self

I dissent

and will always lament

the grief you have rained down in

the name of false gods

I dissent

and will not relent

until every law is torn

apart at its core

Prompt 6 – I see you

Little girl with long braids, long limbs

Fearless and faithful

Asking questions I could not answer

I am proud of you

Always was, always will be

You are now as old as I was

When we said goodbye

But I still see you

Just as I did then

Fearless and faithful


Warm and wise

Prompt 5 – Binding Times

They nailed the law of the land

to their withered oaks

Toasted with wine glasses,

shattered in celebration

upon the pavement of promise

Red wine/ red blood


While the old ones continued knitting

the fabric of forgotten ways

to bind and heal our broken land

Prompt 4 – never sated

100 years ago/from now

nothing ever changes

The patriarchs slash and burn

reaping where they do now sow

Laying innocents upon their unholy altars

And only bones remain from the frenzied feast of fragile men

who hate and lust

never sated

never abated