where silence lives

where silence lives


The spaces in between thoughts –

that’s where silence lives

or wisdom

or something I will never get to because my mind won’t stop filling with your eyes

or the memory of your whispers in my hair.


I try to get back to those spaces in between thoughts

but there is no more silences in my head.

Those spaces are filled with grains of sand and sea shells and sunsets

and the scent of coconut and sunshine.


The spaces in between thoughts –

that’s where you live so no one can find you and steal you

or force you into places accessible by day light.


I like you best in darkness and shadow

where my skin glows with the light with which you filled me

by the light of our bodies

and the stillness of our longing

I find you –

I find you in those spaces between thoughts

and desires –

for all I wanted and didn’t know I needed

in those silences between thoughts.

R. L. Elke

© Aug 5/17 prompt 6




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