Buy.ology (hour 23)

One of my fav books, Buy.ology

explores the biology

of why

we buy

the things we buy.


Hadn’t thought about it before Buy.ology

the book opened the eyes

to many a surprise

of why

we buy

the things we buy.


Had thought sex sells before Buy.ology

the book debunked

that belief

and another

and you shudder

at why

you buy

the things you buy.



Melt a stony heart (hour 22)

Snow are slow to melt

Lest the sun shines


The sun are wont to burn

Unless the umbrella appear


The umbrella cannot withstand

fiery force of fire


Like the gentle rain, tenderness needs no force

to melt a stony heart

The Almond (hour 21)

Like a diamond

the almond

heals all ills

wrestle the wrestlers

and restore good health

add tag-team fenugreek

straight from Greek


Fenugreek attacks and defend the process

unsolicited ills are arrested

and wasted

guards are mounted

at the door post

no ill attacks

all ills are wasted



The Watchtower (hour 20)

From the vantage height, all villagers gather to see

the reason the season has quit

the dew has also quit

farmers angered by this seizure

all gathered at the Watchtower

to say a few prayers


Lagos (hour 19)

Lagos, like the mythical elephant

ugly and attractive

a moment it is flooded

the next it is a silk




strong and enterprising

accommodating and regale

If a capital city is needed

you check the boxes

exotic tastes

eyes for beauty

energy and virility

how can you not be named the capital city

oh, dear me, you were once named

That is where you inherited your mien

Pure Ecstasy (hour 18)

Waiting can be painful

if you aren’t sure of the reason

you are in the prison

for the season


but the moment you know

and you can see

it is pure ecstasy


like an unfruitful couple

gifted with twin diamonds

after 20 years


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