HOPE /prompt 24/8am

Hope is that which gives us strength
To make it through the hardest days
Never lose it, lest we refrain
From putting forth maximum gain
In every day there’s got to be
A place of faith and H-O-P-E


Perfect/ prompt 23/ 7 am

In as much as we would like

Nothing is perfect in any light

Only God can boast of this

And even then He doesn’t do it

We try our best to live our lives

But we forget our life is His life

It is His will and not our own

That leads our life unto the throne

We are all covered by His love

It’s us that fail to lift Him up

If only we would just obey

We’d be closer to salvation one day

I pray that all will see the truth

Repent and learn about His plan

For then and only then we’ll be

Aligned with God the great “I am”


His Tenderness Abounds /prompt 22/6am

It’s through His tenderness that we,

Learn to love unconditionally

He leads us by His divine example

His patience unwavering and ample

If nothing more we get to be

Sinners that repent for His glory.

Come one come all you’ll be relieved

His arms are eager to receive


We Are Covered / prompt 21/5 am

There are so many things we face

All we can do is set the pace

For nothing is a guarantee

We live according to His grace

We wake through His agape love

We are an undeserving bunch

But even as His mercy reigns

His umbrella covers us from the rain


Second Breakfast /prompt 20- 4am

First and foremost

Feed my body

My stomach…

It can wait

Although I cannot

Live off of love

I have an appetite

To satiate

It’s 3 am

We’re half asleep

Our hands and mouths they wander

Like blind babies just born

From a litter

Trying to find their sustenance

Feed me, feed me

I am famished

Give me of that sweet nectar

That only you can manage

Fill my heart, mind, body, and soul

With every bit of you

Our second breakfast

Soon to be served

Will calm the hunger I have for you

Second breakfast

Dripped in syrup

Topped with whipped cream

Second breakfast

Gimme more

You know what I need.


Paradise / prompt 19/ 3am

The grass is greener! They didn’t lie,

A greener green

I have never seen

All laid out right in front of me

My feet are yearning to be free

So plush my toes can smell the earth

Beneath every step I take

I see the trees with leaves a plenty

Hovering over me

A canopy of large proportions

With shade for all to rest below

A greener green

I have never known.

The trees bare fruit

All different kinds

But there is one we’ve been denied

But I don’t mind

Because I yearn

To please our father and keep His word.

A greener green

I have never seen

The garden of our first creation

A paradise I have never known

One day we will return

When we go back home.


The Happiest Day of My Life/prompt 8-2am

It’s time! it’s time! My water broke.

What time is it? It’s 2:16 am

You sure you’re ok?

Are you in any pain?

Don’t panic

Grab the bag and let’s go

The moment we’ve been waiting for

Our first born child is coming.

We’re on our way, the time has come

To meet our daughter or our son.

Oh what a big surprise it will be

To finally get the chance to see

Our little baby, innocent

Nine long months we’ve waited since

The day we learned of God’s blessin’

And now the day has finally come

We get to meet our first true love

Our lovely daughter, or our son

Thank you Father for what you’ve done.


My Hero Diluvian /prompt 17 -1:00am

One head

To think oh thoughts of logic

Three hearts

To feel a love cathartic

Seven wings

To fly across the plains

To save the damsel you proclaim

Six legs with hoofs

To help you run

When flying’s not an option

Through the valleys and

Through rolling hills

You swoop in gracefully for the kill

You save her majesty from danger

You win her love with silent prayer.

If ever she were under attack

She knows for sure

You’d have her back


The Color of Love/ prompt 16-12am

Colors warm, and filled with sweetness

Hugs and kisses feel completeness

Sharing laughs and sneaking looks

Writing notes behind our books

What could I possibly be ?


I Hunger for You / prompt 15/ 11 pm

I can’t seem to quench my desire for you

The knowledge of you

I thirst for your every word

I hunger for you

The very source of your substance

It calms my desire for you

But I can’t help it

No matter what I say or do

Every day

I hunger and thirst for you.


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