Poetry Marathon 2015 I am Back

I am blessed to be here a second time around, for those who do not know me My name is Roxann Harvey I am a Published Author my fist poetry book came from doing the 2014 Poetry Marathon, I did the 1/2 marathon back then. I will be Posting as Poetess Rock. A big thank you to Caithlin and Jacob for the opportunity to be apart last year and that inspired my Book “Life a Narrow Path” I have met many amazing and phenomenal individuals through the 2014 Marathon with whom I am still friends today and I am so blessed that we will be here for 2015. I will be doing the Full marathon this time around so I am challenging myself to do 24 poems in 24hrs this will be exciting. I know we will make it to the finish line. Welcome to all Newbies its coming close to the start of a grand extravaganza of a Poetry marathon Sprint see you all at the end, for the grand finale. One Love.

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