Blue Eyes

Pulsing in the doll’s house

With the dial cranked to two

Their fingers touches on the bed

Through the mirror to see doll

How beautiful she is to notice

A dream come true wonders of love

Yes, sleepy beauty

You must see by grace

She holds the crown

And the sky is the limit of its gifts falling down to earth mindfulness

A shot of heaven finest

You drank a shot that falls from the sky

Its spiraled a galaxy in your eyes

In the other a open hole

A double of starlets shines

There you should have been there

The dove was so ever invited

There last moment with a note

Sealed with a passionate vow

The cross they stand near pleased

A whole life in the holy water

Like Jesus the son of God

Thirsty for your salvation


He hold the candle lit

Golden yellow

Miracles he brings to us

Not a day goes by

To see of his works done

How great is his art

Loving it all as it is his hands to make the difference in life to cheer us on

Yeah, the miracle of him in and to us


Strong beliefs

Strong beliefs begin to settle in me manfully to take me throu the journey with hope in making away for the better good of all things faithfulness faith

How strong it that?

Strengthen the path through the things you can not changed nor correct anymore

Let go and let God turn your mess into wisdom

Tough going

In a storm out side of Kentucky

The phone rings louder than usual while this tornado passes over us freely

A space in one of the rooms

Comes in a horrible time stalling and stopping scary

Hardback poem book storytelling told by a friend out loud until it all go away

Mother still knitting her blankets at dawn in a hurry

Just for tiny toddler and adoption orphan homes in Avandia

Last sitting on a log sipping on grape white wine in a marble wineglass from 1976

In the country in a dry field of sunflowers



The Last Chance is Here

The last chance is here

For your burden are easy

Your mind to cease while deluding

To walk with faith in the light

Of blissful solitude

The last chance is here

To at last move on

To shed a sweet yet bitter tear

For time in life to hang onto now

The last chance is here

Just to see of a better day just when the sun comes out

The golden light of God’s true words of love mingle around us with comfort and comfort

A another walk and talk with the Lord is our best race to win him back again now



She’s  so hungry for his last supper with shame to even speak out

Why now, and what shall you do?

You must feel oppressed now

Does your heart feels awe or not

Tell us all about it or more to see you wish for hope to understand the why

Otherwise you may do the upmost good thing to iron out the wrinkle you know

Not a day gone by to wish “not”

The clay of us

The clay of us

Clay of us are the ground we walk on

Soil and rocks are our weary bones

Trees are our long our gaplegs and arms

Stars are our eyes the moon is our face at night

Teeth, our nose and ears our feeding machine

Tears, we cry are our rivers of water fallen on down below to see

I Will Fly Away

The craziest thing about it that its not for real

I go and fly with a spade

Or I will fly away

It comes with a eagle and even a bird

You said that your flight will be late

But stopping in England

Going going gone

You see it in the air higher up in the sky

You don’t have to chase after it to do what you want it to do

Just in time

You have the power force to glide it with arms

Imagine how higher you will go like an eagle

Your mind just keeps on thinking bigger than you are running for the next seat in line

You will see all of the waves of colors

Trillion of them assorted golden yellowish and in other ray’s

Coming from above outer space to see

You breathe in and out

Through your mouth

You don’t know what to do anymore

Sir, Mr. Astronot

Please fly this plane into Jupiter

So. That others can see of who you are at the wheel

A planet called Mars

Or even in the twilight zone

Far away





Day is the best part of the day

When you can go outside and walk into the park with a book in your hands to read or recite slowly on your path

When things are hard or easy to handle with carefree and love

The warmest of it all is to get your mind, body, and heart at ease through the process to think on a biblical term so pleasing

Daytime Jesus, is with you at all times

Love love love

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