Speak (Hour 1)


Rolling thunder beats against the heavens,
a blanket of darkening clouds promising to tear back the
supernatural veil.
as the wind violently whips through the towering treetops,
holding us back.
Breathe. Speak to the Sky.
The storms that wage within and without have no power to bind us with fear.
Call forth peace, and peace will be.

Moving from one world to another, the earth tilts, its axis flipping upside down.
Its hard shell cracking as it breaks open to the forbidden depths of Sheol.
Brimstone and searing lava flow through the crags of our known world
as fire ignites street after street.
Breathe. Speak to the Earth.
Call forth the waters of life, and the burning of worlds will cease to be.
Fire may consume all it touches in the earthly realm,
but it will not singe our feet as we walk upon the flames of disappointment and loss.

Destruction has no power, except that which we give it.
In every storm, in every turmoil, when our shoulders fall from the weight of the world,
look up and see the sun’s light peaking through.
A promise of another day.


— Saskia Lynge

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