Hour Four

I blame the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson for:

Delusions of happily ever after

Princess and castles, true love and fairy godmothers, for leading me to believe a frog is more than a frog.

I blame George Lucas for:

Taking me to a galaxy far far away

Good over evil and evil over good and round and round, for showing that evil is grown not inborn, that destiny and force lead us, and scoundrels are sexy (yes, bad boys are good!)

I blame David Bowie, that fabulous Goblin King, for:

Showing me a magic dance of seduction and escape

Being wicked and kind, bringing fantasy to a mundane world, and teaching me to be careful what I wish for

I blame the Dread Pirate Roberts and the farm boy for:

“As you wish”

The most desirable words in the world, demonstrating that true love conquers all, giants and Spaniards have the biggest hearts, and to the pain is so much worse than to the death

Yes, there are many to blame for my ideologies of

True love, wishes, and happily ever after

My fascination with bad boys

There is good in everyone, if you just look

Fate and destiny and magic and the force exist for us all

From fairy tales to galaxies, to labyrinths to kingdoms~ my education from child to adult, I blame you….

And, honestly, I thank you

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